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Is there a way to make a map in autocad then import it?

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  • Is there a way to make a map in autocad then import it?

    I've been playing around with the editor with some tutorials and it just seems really cumbersome to work with compared to say, Autocad, I can't imagine building a detailed map by stamping blocks around and the navigation is really awkward so it's hard to get a good view of what I'm doing.

    On the other hand I can easily whip out a full blown detailed scene in AutoCAD. Is there a way to do this? Perhaps a plugin that will let me export in a format the editor can understand, then I can i add the UT3 specific stuff like vehicles, spawns etc. Any such thing?

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    You can either choose out of the following two options when building your map:

    1. You can start off by building the layout out of brushes/BSP (which probably will consist out of flat floors and cube rooms if you are not fimiliar with Geometry mode), then overlap your BSP with Static meshes and add other deco.
    2. You can also do it without creating a BSP layout first and just start placing Static mesh floors and walls. Im not fond of this method, it does save you time though, but if you are working off Grid you can create holes in your map if you dont have a terrain or something else under your map.

    For Autocad, I don't know.
    Although, there are people before you that have asked the similar question

    Perhaps you find it useful.


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      Yes, except your friend in another country has to make the map before you import it.