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Changing Settings Kicks Me Out of the Game

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  • Changing Settings Kicks Me Out of the Game

    My game is acting very strange.

    When I try to change settings in Greed and Betrayal, it kicks me out of the game completely.

    Also, when, for example, I add the Titan mutator to Deathmatch, it's also added to Greed.

    I've uninstalled and installed the game and same with the 2.1 patch. I've even ordered a new game to see if that will solve the problem.

    Any ideas ??

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    It's Momeeeee again. No one's answered on several forums so I've written to Epic Games - curious if I get a reply.


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      I really dont know. UT3 patch 5 is out already. You can try and reinstall your game with that.

      Perhaps it would help if you would, before you buy a new game:
      Figure out if the same copy also runs bad on another system besides yours.
      Try and think logically here.

      > If your copy runs bad on another system as well, would it make sense to buy a new one?: Yes
      > If your copy runs good on another system, well there you have it. It must be in your system < which I certainly believe.

      Try and reinstall UT3 with patch 5.
      Depending on how you are really eager to play the game, you can optionally choose to completly reinstall Windows which seems a bit drastic lol.


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        Check the log file:
        My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Logs\Launch.log

        I would install a fresh installation in the following order:
        - UT3
        - (UT3 Bonus Pack)
        - Patch 4
        - Titan Pack
        - Patch 5