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WAR - CliffTide

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  • WAR - CliffTide

    Name: CliffTide
    Game type: WAR
    Status: Complete
    Players: 16-24
    Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack


    Welcome to the CliffTide!

    Cliff Tide is a condensed rain forest Warfare map that is different in layout than most. It's linear in approach, however there are side nodes to break up the tug-of-war at the center node. Prior to the creation of this level, I learned UT3 in 11 weeks from start to finish and only had CTF and DM experience before making my first Warfare map, CliffTide.

    This map took 4 weeks to complete.

    The first week dedicated to a creating a design document and the last 3 weeks to use the tools of UT3. It took approximating 80-100 hours to complete due to constant tweaking and feedback from students in my Level Design class at The Art Institute of Vancouver.

    As a young level designer, I still have a lot to learn so please don't hesitate to comment about my level. The only thing I want is to continue learning for my levels to become better in quality.


    Dave Osei

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    Hello & welcome on Epic

    Since this map is final, it would be appropriate to move the thread in the final section.

    I'm not a WAR player but it's very interesting you made this entire map in that short period of time

    THX for your work & GL in your career


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      Thanx a ton! Yea, this is my first time here and I'm quickly learning the toolset of Unreal to understand the concept of level design faster.

      You seem to have a VERY good understanding so if you don't mind, any tips would be great!

      Thanx again


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        Hi thislife17!
        You start mapping with a warface map and is a good challenge (I remember)

        I like what you're trying to do, but not need to download the map to point out that it is colorless (besides the core and tropical plants) and there isnt postprocess.

        -First true prob: map not loading (yes, dont rename manually the name of a cooked map, I had to rename .ini and .ut3 files in "WAR-CliffTide227")

        -bad sky mesh used (we see the grooves of the sphere), uses the second dome mesh if you want to keep this texture
        -the gameplay reminds me a little WAR-Araja but here there are too many vehicles
        (with two tanks, the central node is the key to win)
        -paths: bots in vehicles have many issues in main node because they try to ride on the stairs
        -stairs mesh: as you can see this mesh is not suitable for your usage (no facedown)
        -middle rain mesh dont touch the ground
        -improve the heals access (currently the waterfall and ramp arent very accessible)

        I hope it will help a bit.


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          Thanx for the feedback BloodK1nG!

          Knowing I had only 4 weeks to complete the map, I did cut corners on some design ideas that I had in mind. The sky mesh used was one used within the editor and I now realize that having a custom shy mesh would be much better.

          The both paths were VERY last minute as I did not take the time to watch their pattern and adjust some of the level to accommodate for their movement.

          I'll fix up the waterfall paths to be more accommodating for vehicles.

          Thank you so much for taking the time to criticize my map. I've fixed the download link so that it loads properly on start up without an error. I know now not to make that mistake again.