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idnewton's projects

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  • idnewton's projects

    OK, as many of you know I am in the time-consuming proccess of making the Mass Map Pack.
    Progress is currently speeding along.
    Here's really general update on the packs:

    Mass Map Pack (aka Team Stealth Jumbo UT3 Pack) is currently in beta phase, check it out here:

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    Working half-time now unfortunately

    edit: back to full speed


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      Progress inching...


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        Edit: outdated, see latest post (1-8-12)


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          Announcement! New Project!

          Due to requests of numerous players, my next project will be Project Gold, where I will add bot paths for the gold maps. Though players like the maps, they do not like the +100 bot suicides because there are no paths! This shouldn't take a tenth of the time the current project has, which is over a year.

          PS: Also I am going to finish the map called DM-Rome. As finished as it may look, it isn't. There is a lot of missing collision, but thats about it.

          Edit: Well maybe, I'm thinking of maybe retiring for like a year after finishing the mass map pack. I'm not working on it as much as I should right now, but I was, and I've been working at least a year on it, and thats a while (well maybe not for 100+ maps... xD)


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            Working on a mod for my server...


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              The 'Star Wars Maps' division of the Mass Map Pack is done.


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                Mass Map Pack announcement!

                Pack 6 is done!

                Edit: PACK 5 IS FINALLY DONE! I ended up hating that pack... LOL


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                  Star Wars server mutator update!

                  This list is not final, but this is the list that will probably be used.

                  1: UTSithCivilWar (server adverts are actually built into it)
                  2: Apoc Matrix Moves. the only thing that's enabled for them is the crouch superjump (for 'force jump')
                  3: NoReticule


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                    Progress report:

                    All I have left is:


                    Its been over a year. The end is finally in sight!

                    Edit: As far as the Mass Map Pack goes, shroud is canceled. It will be a standalone map, same as unreality and hammertown and some others.

                    Edit 2: sorry I've been so lazy lately xD im resuming normal speed soon

                    Edit 3: I've finished almost every map, and I only have two left. I also need the NoReticule mutator (I made it a while ago but I don't know where it went, and when I try to use the code to compile it again, it simply doesnt work, idk why. Head here if you want to help:!?p=29782758)


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                      The Star Wars mutator (Sith Civil War) is complete. All I have left is 2 maps.


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                        Mass Map Pack (aka Team Stealth Jumbo UT3 Pack) is currently in beta phase, check it out here: