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Halo Series: Forerunner Asset Pack

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    Halo Series: Forerunner Asset Pack

    Well, I've been holding onto and frequently releasing this pack to individuals for almost a year now, but I finally feel like I've been able to build and clean this up to a releasable status. So, without any more delay, I present you with;

    The Forerunner Asset Pack

    This pack comes with 27 fully-custom recreated Forerunner materials from Halo: CE, 2, and 3. Most of the pack is at full 1024x1024 quality, with a few exceptions. These materials are all open to editing, so if you think you can do a better job with creating the effect you're looking for, then you're free to do it. The current settings I have are for what I consider to be the best all-around use.

    Now, here are some example shots of the textures in the editor, and what you could use them for. Credit for the geometry goes to the makers of Revelations and Inferno for porting it into UT3.

    And, a small sample of the pack:

    So, if you've been thinking of bringing in a Halo remake or just wanted to make a Halo-themed map, now's a great time to go for it. The only things I ask for are:
    1. Of course, credit. The more people know about the pack, the more chance someone will get to make some kickass maps with it. It only takes a few words to do, and it helps more than you'd think.
    2. If you do end up making a map with these assets, I'd love to be able to see it. Feel free to PM me a link to it so I can see how the pack's being put to use.

    So, I think that's about all I have to say. Download's right here, if you want to upload a mirror link I'm fine with that, always helps to have more than one link.

    Forerunner Asset Pack- Filefront

    And finally, this pack is an ongoing project. If a Forerunner texture you were hoping to use didn't make the cut, just post an example of it on here and I'll make sure to include it in the next add-on pack.


    This pack is truly great !

    Many THX for releasing it. But it will be more viewed in the final section

    I was looking for hi-tech textures for another small DM map I've planned & this will be a perfect fit & ofc, appropriate credits will be there for sure

    THX again dude !


      Yeah this is very sweet. Thanks for releasing this!


        wow thx for making this


          I'm using this in my infinity map currently



            thx for sharing, very nice


              Were these made from "scratch"? If so, very nice and it encourages me with my current project. I added them to my resources page and downloaded them for a possible future map.

              +1 Thanks


                I check the pack & the textures are great

                But what about "Example- Exterior" & "Example- Interior" files ??? They have no extension & if I add the extension *.UT3 or *.UPK I can't open them ?


                  They're actually just .png files, they're the example pictures of the pack in the first post.


                    Originally posted by Teltaur View Post
                    They're actually just .png files, they're the example pictures of the pack in the first post.
                    The files are "jacked" in that they don't have a proper file extension. I added ".png', then they show up fine. You might want to upload the pack again as that will be very confusing to people.


                      Excuse me, but I don't remember giving permission to do anything with mine and massacre's revelations work to anyone other than inferno, and that was only to port the map to ut3.

                      We need to talk, PM me.

                      E: sorted, back to business as usual~


                        I ask myself, where do the red lights come from in the first pic ?

                        I didn't saw the textures of them ?

                        BTW, I'm using those in my Amyrade map & you did a fine job preserving the good quality of the textures

                        I'm making really nice looking materials with them, a chance the textures quality is top notch

                        5 stars from me dude


                          Hi bud

                          Just to let ya know that the map DM-Amyrade I was working on since, well, almost 2 years using your texture pack is now final I use some textures from the pack & other v2 from our private conversation.

                          You can found the map at my blog or on Epic forums.

                          I hope the pack will be use by other mappers & THX again for the textures !!!


                            Does anyone still have a working link to this file please?


                              I would think I do And you're lucky I happened to drop by, I think this is the first time I've come to this forum in a pretty long time...
                              The original link seems to be working for me, though, so I don't know if it's just an issue on your end or not.

                              If you want the honest truth, I haven't touched UE3 in years and although I've made some additions, corrections, and replacements to parts of the original pack that I was never happy with, they aren't in .upk format. If you want to toy around with the contents of the "current" pack (as it stands for CE2/3), I can upload the .tga files in a package and let you all replace or create materials based on the original .upk. Also, be warned that the textures (mostly changes in normal maps, but some full sets were redone completely) that I replaced/fixed are mixed in with unchanged ones in this current .rar, so you'll have to look at them each on an individual basis to figure out what's been changed or not.

                              ^ Link to all the .tga's I have from the pack

                              And if the original still isn't working for you, I can reupload it to Mediafire if need be, so that you'll at least have the original materials to work with.