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Finished character

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  • Finished character

    HI everyone,
    It been a long time since my first post on showing you my plans to making a character for Unreal 3, which was mostly due to the paper work needed for the course I am doing, but during the process I have learnt meny things about building characters for Unreal and about the games idustry.
    In the past I have built a few characters as just pieces of work demonstrating my knowledge of using Maya, but for this project I wanted to step things up and make a character for an audience (The Epic Forums).
    Anyway I just want to thank everyone in the Epic Forums for all their support and for putting up with the rookie question I may have asked. I’m now a big fan of the Unreal editor and I look forword to creating more content for Unreal in the future.

    Please feel free to checkout my blog page and download the character I made for PS3/ PC.

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    I like the character but you need pics and a download here to get some more encouragement/downloads.

    This was in you info for the PS3. This didn't work for me at all. MK3rdPersonMutatorInteraction.UC is not a .jam file and can't be loaded like this. It is not even a mutator so why would it appear in the mutator section?

    Originally posted by Flamegrill View Post
    1. Copy files ( MK3rdPersonMutatorInteraction.UC. and USERDATA.JAM).
    2. Copy files to the frontend directory of a USB device (Do not place into a folder or the PS3 will not read files).
    3. Plug USB into PS3
    4. Boot up Unreal Tounament 3
    5. Make sure that you update Unreal to the latest patch (If not you will be unable to use any downloadable content).
    6. In the Unreal menu select Community.
    7. Choose My Content.
    8. Press the (SQUARE) button to import mod.
    9. Follow the derections on screen to import files from your USB device.
    Unless you meant if you already had the 3rd person mutator installed, maybe I am missing something.(?)


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      euchre is right you need some screenies and a download link here too. Most people don't want to bother with something they can't see.


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        Sorry guys

        Hi everyone, sorry about the mixup with the content provided in the PS3 package file I hope you will forgive me and still continue to play with my characters. Hopefuly I want make the same mistakes on my next character and here is some screen shots of the character in action.

        Also here are the links to download this character for PC/PS3 and not forgeting the action cam for PS3 which was downloaded from UT40k website.


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          Im trying her out now, but a couple of suggestions on how you share your character.

          1) Host it on filefront or somewhere that doesn't make users wait, and force them to have a slow download as its a big turn off.

          2) Cook the files before distribution. The file should be small, but this is a 32mb which isn't massive but is still bigger than it should be for a single character. My character uncooked was over 120mb but after cooking and putting it in a .rar file it was down to 7.7mb. Small and easy to share

          Anyway as for the character, nice indeed, but the face is a bit bright and in Unreal 3 that means it has bloom which is a shame, but easily fixed by altering the brightness of the diffuse and specular maps. Other than that a nicely made character and it all works together.