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UT 3: DM-Skull_Chaser v.1.1

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    UT 3: DM-Skull_Chaser v.1.1

    Hi everyone,


    New version is available.

    Version: 1.1


    Gameplay modifications:

    The Bio Rifle requires 8 points.

    The Shock Rifle requires 12 points.

    The Link Gun requires 17 points.

    The Stinger requires 23 points.

    The Flak Cannon requires 30 points.

    The Rocket Launcher requires 38 points.

    If the Udamage is taken it drains the skull points at the rate of 2 points per seconds during 25 seconds.


    Some pathnode alterations.

    Level modifications:

    New static meshes added.


    A *.ini file as been added.

    The skull score is still only displayed in the log. I didn't find any way to improve that. Unfortunatly, Unreal script doesn't make any sense for me.


    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: Last UT3 version, PC

    Comments: A map with its own set of rules and a lot of snow.

    It's actually my first map. I'm still learning how to use the UnrealEd and Kismet.

    The Rules:

    Here are the basic rules of Skull_Chaser. I'll try to be as clear as possible.

    The skulls points:

    This is a score which allows to access to different things in this map as I'm going to explain. There are many ways to gain skull points:

    Some skulls are hidden or not in the map. Players have to shoot at them in order to gain points. There are 4 types of skulls:
    • The small ones give 2 points.
    • The medium ones (mega skulls) give 5 points.
    • The big ones (monster skulls) give 10 points.
    • The really big one (ultimate skull) gives 30 points.
    • Each death (frag or suicide) gives 1 point.

    By the way, the score is shared among all the players, bots included. Keep that in mind for what is going to follow.


    At the beginning players spawn with the Impact Hammer, the Enforcer and the Sniper Rifle. It's easier to shoot at skulls with this last one.

    Other weapons are given directly to the players depending on the skull score.
    • The Bio Rifle requires 8 points.
    • The Shock Rifle requires 12 points.
    • The Link Gun requires 16 points.
    • The Stinger requires 20 points.
    • The Flak Cannon requires 24 points.
    • The Rocket Launcher requires 28 points.
    • The Redeemer requires 100 points and his only available every 3 minutes.

    If you die, you will respawn with the weapons corresponding to the actual score. For instance, if the score is 18 points when you respawn, you start with the Hammer, the Enforcer, the Bio Rifle, the Shock Rifle and the Link Gun.


    Ammo are available as usual. No specific rules for these ones.


    There are 3 items in this map. The Helmet, the Shield Belt and the Udamage.

    Once again, the rules are different than usual.

    The Helmet and the Belt are protected by bells. To open those bells, players need the required amount of points then the price is subtracted from the score.
    • The Helmet's worth 10 points.
    • The Belt's worth 30 points.

    The Udamage's behavior is a bit different. It spawns as usual but with a twist. The Udamage acts like a skull points generator. When the Udamage is available it generates 5 points every 15 seconds. However, if the Udamage is taken it drains the skull points at the rate of 2 points per seconds during 30 seconds.

    The Udamage is not the only points generator. There is also a dedicated generator. This generator starts after 70 seconds since the beginning of the game. Then, it begins to generate 1 points every 10 seconds which is very low. To activate it, players have to stand on it for a few seconds. Once activated, it generates 10 points every 10 seconds which is far better but only lasts 70 seconds. Then it has to be reactivated.


    Skull points are also used to open doors and activate a lift. But in this case, player don't have to spend points.

    There are also healing spots on the map. They are basically health generator. Players have to stand on them and they will be healed. Because nothing is free, it will cost 3 points for 20 HP. Super Heal is activated.

    Finally, in order to spice things up there is a “skull overload” which happens when the score reaches 200. It simply re-initializes it to 0.


    Unfortunately Bots are not able to shoot at skulls. They also don't know that they need points to open things. So, sometimes their behavior is a bit strange. But the map is still playable.

    I apologize if all these explanations are not clear because of my English. This is obviously not my first language.

    Credits: Simon Chapuis

    Thanks to: Mastering Unreal Technology Volume 1, ArcadiaVincennes website, Waylon Brinck website, Unreal Wiki, UDN website and Epic forum among others because without them I wouldn't be able to use the UnrealEd properly and make this map.


    So, did anyone try the map?

    I would be grateful for some feedback. What goes right? What goes wrong?

    Well, even if you think this map is terrible and the rules suck, don't hesitate to explain why.

    I really want to improve myself.


      i very like this map-mod! (it reminds me "gun evolve".... in better)

      -need more space between stinger and Flak Cannon
      -need more space between Flak Cannon and Rocket Launcher too
      -where appears the "skull" score?
      (bottom of the screen i see +15 or +1 but scoreboard shows only my frag)
      -map need more graphics and polish

      (its better if you place your thread in "Full Releases " section)


        Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

        You're right about the space between stinger, flak and rocket. But I was not sure about it. I will tweak this.

        About the Skull score, it's maybe the biggest issue with my map. It didn't find any way to display it constantly with kismet. My goal was to create something by using kismet only as a part of my training. I'm still looking for a solution. If you have some tips to perform such a thing.

        Finally, I also agree about the graphics. I was so into kismet that I neglected the graphical aspect of the map. However, I only use UTIII assets and it's pretty hard to avoid repetition.

        Once again, thank you for your feedback. I'll try to improve the map.


          not use kismet but script (you would need the same script of mutator "battle rpg")

          (sauf que l'unreal script est vraiment tres chiant)


            Ok. So, I have to learn how to use the unreal script.


              So, I did some research about Unreal Script.

              Actually, it seems that understanding Unreal Script requires knowledge in C/C++, Java and know what Object-oriented programming is. 0_0'

              Unfortunately, I don't have this knowledge. That must explain why I didn't understand what I read.

              I think I'll try to find another solution and keep focusing on the level design aspect.

              I already made some improvement. Maybe the new version will be available next week.


                New version available.

                First post edited.


                  thx i test it now

                  edit: dont forget to place your thread in "full release" section


                    How can I change my thread in full release section ?


                      Fascinating map...but trying to get the concept behind it seems to be something to grasp sooner than later.


                        Thanks. Actually, you can play nearly as you want. The main idea is to gain skull points to obtain weapons, be able to open the bells and use the doors and the lift.

                        However, because the score is shared between everyone you can try to lower the score in order to avoid opponents respawning with powerful weapons. Or on the contrary, you can try to reach 200 points in order to reinitialize it to 0.

                        You can find a balance between several strategies.

                        Depending on your way of playing, you can ignore the skulls or focus on them. They are point bonuses that can change the outcome of the match.


                          ultimate skull is really too visible (is this intended or not?)

                          this is the final version or an update is provided?


                            Thanks for your feedback.

                            The ultimate skull visibility is intended actually and its location is not innocent.

                            The map could maybe be improved but I'm working on different projects for the moment. So, this is the final version until a major flaw or something like that is found.