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A Character Update

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  • A Character Update

    Hi guys i havent been around for a while ive been really busy of late and just thought that i would post up some images of my character that i am creating for my BA Hons Degree and to get some feedback and how you think its shaping up.

    So please comment on what you like and dont like about it so far. Look forward to what you all have to say

  • #2
    That looks pretty good. To be honest, I can't find anything that I do not like about it.


    • #3
      Thanks brdempsey69 i am not too far off completing the modelling stage of the character. Im still abit unsure about the shoulder pads that i have done there is something not quite right about them. I was also thinking about adding a cigar in his mouth to give him some more character, what do you think?


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        Try the cigar in the mouth. The shoulder pads look okay to me.


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          this is just my opinion, but 1. i think the cigar would be a great touch 2. i think currently he is a little too symetrical, adding a scar on his face when texturing or adding some ammo packs onto a thigh would fix that 3. overall it looks great and fits well with the unreal universe


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            The character does remind me somewhat of the Sarge character from Quake 3, but that's perfectly okay. I've never seen a character like this in any of the UT games and with the armor pieces that you have structured, he fits perfectly into UT3.

            BTW, Sarge in Quake 3 did have a cigar in his mouth, if I recall correctly.

            This character, with the right texturing, will look mean & badass.


            • #7
              Make that antenna asymetric, and maybe those rockets on back look too cartoony, everything else is cool.


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                Thanks for the comments guys im glad that everyone is liking what ive done so far i think i will add a cigar in think it will give him more character. I think adding some more detail into the legs would also help. I will also look into the rockets at the back i have to agree with you there Nawrot that they do look abit cartoony and ill also amend the antenna i think.
                Here is some pics of my concept design that i done in the pre-production stage the design has changed since i have starting modelling it so its not exactly the same but it should give everyone a better idea how im going to texture the model.

                Again feel free to add your opinions its really helping guys thankyou


                • #9
                  ^^^^ Now that's freakin' cool!
                  ... can't wait to see the final result... good work.


                  • #10
                    It's beautiful!


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                      Model Finished

                      Just another quick update guys i have added a cigar into his mouth now to break up the symetry and also added in some details on the belt and the Jetpack. I think the cigar works really well and gives him alot more personality, what do you think?

                      So thats the modelling stage out of the way now ive just started to unwrap the character so i will be a couple of days unwrapping everything and then its time for me to import it into Z-Brush I will keep everyone up to date with my progress. Thanks for everyones feedback guys.


                      • #12
                        That looks slick. Can't wait to see the final result.