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How to export matinee animation as a movie?

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  • How to export matinee animation as a movie?

    I have made a matinee animation,I want to export it as a video ,is it possible to unreal3?

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    Originally posted by Erictt View Post
    I have made a matinee animation,I want to export it as a video ,is it possible to unreal3?
    Yes and no. If you have the spare Hard-Disk space, you can use the -dumpmovie command. It only works when you add it to the end of the file-path of the "play Unreal Tournament 3" shortcut. It will save every frame rendered as a .BMP image.

    What you need to do:

    Step #1: Create a .ut3 file (map) that contains your cutscene, cued up in Kismet to run once the map is fully loaded. Give the cutscene at least ten seconds of "load" time in the beginning before starting the actual animation. (you may also want to adjust the screen resolution via kismet using the 'console command' node) Make sure to have a kismet console command call the string '/exit' after the cutscene finishes: this will save you a lot of trouble.

    Step #2: Clear out your screenshots folder (found in the 'my documents' UT3 folder). You want it to be empty, completely.

    Step #3: create a new shortcut with a name you'll remember like "Render Cutscene" (the name is not that important) and in the "target" string use "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" DM-whateveryoucalledyourmap.ut3 /dumpmovie /benchmark

    Step #4: activate the shortcut and go make a sandwich. Maybe play a game of poker with some friends. After the cutscene renders out, you will have a couple thousand .bmp files in your screenshots folder.

    Step#5: Use a composting software of choice to combine the animation frames and add in sound. I use a free program called WAX.

    Hope this helps!

    (future search kewords: render cutscene cut scene movie frame frames )


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      I got it,thank you very much


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        Thanks for the explantion of dumpmovie. I avoid it becuase invariably it will not render certain assets in the movie. Sometimes is a material, sometimes a model, most recently it was terrain. I am using the \useunpublished switch as well. Any ideas there?


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          have you tried camstudio to record your movies, its what i use


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            that program looks cool, and FREE! Too bad I bought FRAPS a year ago =/ I like the export to .swf feature though of camstudio.

            I would like to be able to dump frames as I can dump them at huge resolution and you get true 30fps. Only problem is that if you are using PhysX stuff, it will crash. Someone said something about dumping frames from the console in game. Might have to try that.


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              Thanks for the explanation Kazeo, that helped.

              It works fine for Vanilla UT3 and kismet sequences run as well. My only issue now is that i'm trying to record from a mod and the -mod switch seems to then ignore mapnames...

              "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -mod="../ModName" MapName -benchmark -useunpublished
              Just loads the mod like normal. If i try and run without the -mod switch then it works fine but I loose terrain + textures since these are unpublished I guess...

              I think I will look into rypelcam and demorec it and then try dumpframes. Real shame UT3 left out the dumpframes (that could then have been run from matinee)... the more I look the more I think that epic took shortcuts in UT3 :P there are just little vital bits missing XD

              EDIT: What a silly bunt.... you need the mapname before the -mod switch. It works then :P


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                Great help KazeoHin! Just rendered my first UnrealED3 cutscene in 720p. Pretty annoying it doesnt capture sound along with it, but since i'm only rendering cutscenes, i can just do a direct windows recording when the scene playbacks.


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                  Xfire also works pretty well for capturing video. i tried Camstudio but it crashed Premiere whenever i tried playing it back or scrubed the timeline.