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Halo Conquest- RECRUITING

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    Halo Conquest- RECRUITING

    I'm representing the Halo Conquest mod, a Total Conversion meant to bring the beloved Halo series to the next generation PC.
    ModDB Page (including updated screenshots)
    The current team:
    Dr. Evil

    We are looking for:
    Character/Weapon Modelers
    Map Designers
    Audio/Sound FX

    If you want to join, go to our forums here.

    Here are some pictures of our current progress:

    Recon (all other varients are modeled, but only Recon and EOD are completely skinned)

    Halo: Combat Evolved version of Master Chief (Mark V armor)

    Halo 3 HUD in progress

    Assembly-style bridge

    Forerunner Wall

    These are images of a WIP map, being made by Chaosnight:
    Main base, with working Man Cannon

    A working Grav-Lift

    Neutral Forerunner structure

    Halo Conquest Team

    did you just use the word "Halo"? and added screenies? if so, (and i'm not gay in the slightest, and if you post ANYTHING saying that i am i WILL be REALLY offended, which goes against forum rules and can get you banned from the forums, i read the eula thingie when i registered) i love you
    PS this is the first time i've ever been the first to be the first person to post something first. yes i know i overused the word first


      Keep up the hard work, looks great!


        looks cool keep going. maybe create the map guardian and create a weapon of the assault rifle and we could have a whole entire game of halo in ut3. that would be fun.


          That's the goal, but we need more members to continue progressing.

          Again, if you have modeling, texturing, or coding experience, we'd love see you join the team


            I am too busy with school to do anything now but I almost have a working version of lockout complete


              That is absolutely amazing, I gotta say Epic Games, you guys are geniuses, the Unreal Editor can make absolutely everything. Keep it up guys, I'm so looking forward to playing this.


                Guys, this isn't a commentary thread. This is a recruitment thread. So please only post a response if you plan on joining our team.




                  Wow nice stuff,

                  I know you said dont post unles you're thinking of joining but I just wanted to say that I and a group are also working on a Halo mod for UT3 and will be making an announcement soon, so no hard feelings and we have no competative agenda. Just wanted to verfiy before we post our progress at a later date.

                  Although if you're interested I wouldnt mind collaborating between groups if it helps production of both projects.

                  I'll pm my Xfire name.

                  Thanks for reading.


                    Since you so efficiently proved you've got a team finally putting out some awesome work.. then..
                    YES! I would so happilly halp you all! Where do i sign?!

                    Though i have to admit, that elite armor is disturbing.


                      Sorry. I don't think it's in the mods best interest to join another mod group. We are already in the middle stages of development. However, you guys are welcome to join us. Good luck to your mod if you end up going your own way. Vicious, sign up on the forums and well talk there. Pm me there so I can give you access.



                        Cool work guys. Yeah I know this isn't a comments thread, but I couldn't resist the urge. :P

                        I may be interested in joining the team as a Level Designer and could add some of my modelling and texturing skills to the mix, though this all depends on me getting my main rig back up and running (bad RAM I need to replace before I can really do anything )

                        Just a couple quick Qs: Are you looking specifically for Halo meshes and textures or are other, custom models and textures welcome as well?

                        Are you looking for anyone to remake any of the Halo maps? If so which ones?

                        I am the suck at rigging characters (though I am trying to make some animated weapons in my own time privately as practice), so my expertise is more or less limited to Static entities unless they are dynamic entities made up of seperate parts (IE- a robotic arm could be one rigged skeletal mesh, but could also be made of individual moving parts and animated in Matinee, I can do the latter without any troubles). Hopefully, that wouldn't be a drag on the rest of the team?


                          I think i can answer a few of your questions

                          1.Its more of a 50/50 on that, we are getting halo textures and such but we also may need halo "inspired" materials and meshes

                          2.Since our main gametype is Conquest, if we do remake any maps they'll be the larger scale ones such as bloodgulch/coagulation or avalanche, but we may have some smaller remakes up our sleves

                          3. That wouldnt be a problem at all, we dont need people who can do everything! (although theat could be a bonus...) So have no worry about rigging characters

                          Anway, it'd be great to have you ont he team, but it's up to Epicjon and everyone else to decide, but i dont think there should be any problem with you joining.


                            Chaos summed it up pretty good and I could use help with the static mesh modeling. I've seen your work before, and I'm quite impressed. Sign up on our forums and if you have any more questions let me know. If you are 100% sure you want to join then tell me .

                            Best regards,



                              Removed* I said I could extract These Picture were my friends not mine