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How to keep your content from being deleted off Filefront

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    It seems the 'submit to filefront' button is back, and appears on your content page when you are logged into your account. You should use this button if you don't want your file to end up in the deletion queue


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      I have a public FTP server where FINAL releases can be hosted, free. Content will never be deleted and is to be used as a mirror/direct link download. for more information

      I am working on a way to get the content updated instantly when submitted, but until then unless it's a compressed file for one of the redirects (updates every hour) then you'll have to wait until I move it to the correct location. There are many ways to contact me, and I generally get online every day.


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        peeps like skillz, JamieSI and zunnie, are doing a great job of making sure this isnt an issue by mirroring most maps off their own initiative. I love the direct download ut-files offers too. One click and your downloading......

        Way better than two pages and mega ads on filefront (with the page loading randomness that the ads seems to give.... )


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          Yeah, I've been having far better luck with MediaFire than anybody, that I know of. At least there, you're guaranteed with files from that service. That's why I'm only doing beta versions with FileFront, and using MediaFire for final versions of mods or maps from now on...


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            Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Woohoo! I'll try this asap! Yeah, my stuff got deleted too. Thx for advice!