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Links to custom characters for UT3

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  • Links to custom characters for UT3

    A list with over 170 custom model released or WIP for UT3.

    I take no credits for them. If you have any comments/questions regarding a model, you should post it in the model's own thread, because that's where the author will see it. However, feel free to leave a comment here as well. Help keeping this thread on the first page!

    Epic Games Forums
    Link AbaddonHead
    Link Alice [Elyos Female]
    Link Alios
    Link AllGear
    Link Anubis - God of the Dead
    Link Arthas
    Link Axon
    Link Azatoth
    Link Bender
    Link Billy Mays
    Link Bomberman & PBJT
    Link Bubblegum Crisis 2032
    Link Cadet Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft
    Link Cathode & Divisor
    Link CH_New guy
    Link CH_Tank
    Link Cheburashka
    Link Cloud and Zack (Final Fantasy VII)
    Link Custom female head (Ronin faction)
    Link Cylon Centurion BSG
    Link Dark Reaper
    Link Demogorgon
    Link Desert Falcon Units
    Link EarthWorm Jim
    Link Egyptian Warlord
    Link Evangelion Model Pack
    Link Fate
    Link Firewall Faction
    Link Freya
    Link Gen Mo'Kai - Damarus
    Link Gen Mo'Kai - Damarus PS3
    Link Gen Mo'Kai - Faraleth
    Link Gen Mo'Kai - Selig & Motig
    Link General Solkova
    Link Goatman & Evil Goatman
    Link GoB-BA - GoBlins Battle Armour
    Link Goggles
    Link Gordon Freeman
    Link GoW - COGs
    Link GoW - Gears Of War Character Pack
    Link GoW - Locust Sniper
    Link GoW - Marcus Fenix
    Link Hel
    Link Hero Pack (Bowser, Rayman, Bumblebee)
    Link Hipnotic
    Link Holocaust - Polar and Dumon soldiers
    Link Homer Simpson
    Link Human Skeleton & Glowing Krall Skeleton
    Link Ik-beester Immortal Skinpack
    Link Invader Zim - Gir
    Link Jack Skellington
    Link Jagoreth
    Link JC Denton (Deus Ex)
    Link Jeanette - Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
    Link Jessica
    Link July
    Link K.O.S. - Order and Chaos (Dynah, Advent & Anima)
    Link KaT-031283MAA
    Link King Hondo
    Link Korpse
    Link Kratos, God of War
    Link K-Rod
    Link Liandri Bot'
    Link Liandribots
    Link Malcolm
    Link Master Shake
    Link Mayhem
    Link Metal Gear Solid 4 - Old Snake
    Link Miyuki
    Link Mr. Crow and Harlequin
    Link Mr. Crow Hat & Mask
    Link Namarian Soldier
    Link Neverwinter Nights 2 Models
    Link PACman and MSPACman
    Link Ralf
    Link Rankin
    Link Rodents
    Link S.T.A.L.K.E.R
    Link Samus Aran
    Link Savior Character Pack
    Link Scylla
    Link Shrub Patrol
    Link Siegfried de Dubhe
    Link SilvansClan
    Link Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil's skeleton)
    Link Skaarj
    Link Sonic & Mario
    Link Spartan model pack
    Link Spawn
    Link Spongebob Squarepants
    Link Starcraft Terran Marine
    Link Streetfighter's Guile
    Link Sun Kralls & CyberKralls
    Link Tails
    Link Terminator
    Link The Monarch (Venture Bros)
    Link Tifa
    Link Unused Custom Character Parts
    Link Vectorman
    Link Vernon Koekemoer
    Link Warhammer 40,000 Sister of Battle
    Link Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines
    Link Warhammer 40,000 Space Ork-pack
    Link Warhammer 40,000 Space Ork-pack (Skinpack)
    Link Wicked
    Link Wolverine
    Link World of Warcrack
    Link X.E.N.O.
    Link Xan
    Link Xan Mark I + Xan Mark II + WarBoss
    Link Xan MKI and Disaster
    Link Zombie Head

    From SkinCity
    Link Cat
    Link Crusader
    Link Nyota
    Link Orthos
    Link ShinRyuu
    Link Skeleton Horde
    Link Tarja
    Link Vika (18+)
    Link Zombie

    From other sites
    Link Adam
    Link Alien & Tribalien Character
    Link Bane
    Link Hulk
    Link IronHead
    Link Knights of Lumi
    Link Nanosuit
    Link Obsidian
    Link Project Stealth Character
    Link Ragna
    Link Space Alien Hunter
    Link PC Link PS3 Strapped
    Link The Blade Coven Faction
    Link The Butcher
    Link The Shadow Assassins Guild
    Link Titan D5
    Link Tritigon
    Link Vailias Corrupt
    Link War Machine

    ALPHA - no download yet
    Link Asimo
    Link AVP Alien
    Link Battledroid
    Link Classic Necris Skin/Modelpack
    Link Duke Nukem
    Link Enclave Power Armor
    Link Final Character Concept
    Link General Grievous
    Link Gun Samurai
    Link Halo characer pack
    Link Halo Elite
    Link Haloween
    Link Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2)
    Link Hyora
    Link Iron Man
    Link Juggernaughts
    Link Mario 8 bit
    Link Minotaur
    Link Nali War Cow / Atomic Cow
    Link Necris Brock
    Link Predator
    Link Ramirez
    Link Rayman Rabbid
    Link Romulus
    Link Sagitenjiskara
    Link Sephiroth
    Link Skaarj Hybrids
    Link Soldier Bee
    Link Soldier style character
    Link Sonic The Hedgehog
    Link The Corrupt
    Link The Shredder
    Link Unus
    Link Wink (Hellboy 2)

    Link Character's Pics
    Link Faction's Previews
    Link Faction Previews Alternate
    Link Maya to UT3 Custom Animation Rigg
    Link UT3 Character + Weapon + Vehicle Tutorial

    If I missed something, feel free to post it and I will add it to the list.

  • #2
    Nice works
    Perhaps better if you say if it's a bêta, an alpha or a final release


    • #3
      Originally posted by Sbouby View Post
      Nice works
      Perhaps better if you say if it's a bêta, an alpha or a final release

      thx for ur work....very usefull....ahh if someone can do that for the maps and for the mutators too...but what an enormous job !


      • #4
        Originally posted by Sbouby View Post
        Perhaps better if you say if it's a bêta, an alpha or a final release
        Yeah I was planning that, just wanted to make the post first

        Fixed now


        • #5
          This is a good thread - could do with being stickied!


          • #6
            Nice gathering.

            We seriously could use a Epic Games's browser for all the stuff that's been released already. Browsing for maps isn't so much of a problem with advanced search since every thread titles will use obvious criteria like DM- or CTF-.


            • #7
              This thread need to be stickied!

              Thanks for all you work. It's really appreciated


              • #8
                not only should this thread be stickied as there should be other threads for maps, mutators and other mods!
                great job, thanks!


                • #9
                  There should be official website like mapraider for all custom stuff. Epic is just silly with their official downloads placed on filefront.

                  And this is great compilation


                  • #10
                    Oh great instead of making this sticky and thinking why such topic was created they just moved it to place where most people not check.

                    UT3 need something more than silly forum, it is pain in butt to find any custom content here!


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Nawrot View Post
                      There should be official website like mapraider for all custom stuff. Epic is just silly with their official downloads placed on filefront.

                      And this is great compilation
                      Good idea
                      I will try and design something like that over at UTU.
                      A complete list of maps and models.


                      • #12
                        STICKY this!


                        • #13
                          I've added the list of finals over at UT Unlimited

                          Big thanks to Sanyika for getting the list together in the first place.


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by firefly View Post
                            I've added the list of finals over at UT Unlimited


                            • #15
                              Added to the list:

                              (Alpha) Azathoth
                              (Beta) Jack Skellington