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DM - BloodWorks [Work in Progress]

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  • DM - BloodWorks [Work in Progress]

    Hi there Unreal forums, i have been looking for a community to discuss my works on and i guess these are the only forums that you can really discuss this kind of stuff.

    Im sorry if i misspelled anything, english is not my native language.

    Im gonna Upload some WIP's of my current mapping Project.
    The worktitle is "DM - Bloodworks" and is set in a Lindari Slaugtherhouse.

    Anyways here are the pics.
    First Batch

    Second Batch

    That is pretty much all for now, the current state im in i have readjusted all lighting and im probably ready for publishing, just missing some sounds and Map Texture and such.

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    Sorry couldent fit it into last post but this is 1 day old update.


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      I'm surprised no one has given a comment on this yet... looks pretty neat to me


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        It looks like a cool UT3 map I guess lol