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Sky Domes...

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  • Sky Domes...

    Yea so I was just wondering how to create one. I know it's probably not hard but I keep looking in the actors, but can't seem to find anything. If anyone would like to share their infinite wisdom, I'd be very grateful.


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    Have you looked at the UN_Sky package?
    There is also downloadable new sky content on my site, link in my sig.


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      Well are you just talking about the materials? I was wondering about the actual process of creating a skydome, which would include, I guess, the materials for it.


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        UN_Sky and my site also include completed meshes that you use for the skydome.
        Are you wanting to create your own custom sky textures and meshes?
        There is really no need for custom meshes as the hemispheres in the UN_Sky package are mapped correctly, and the full spheres in my downloads are also mapped correctly.
        All you need to do is create the appropriate spherical mapped sky textures.


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          Well, I think I'm getting confused; do you place skydomes outside your level, like with skyboxes, or does it stay in your level just scaled up or something? If it has to stay inside the level, do I have to use a skydome? I mean I want meshes outside of the playable level because of an overall theme my team is doing. I basically want there to be buildings outside of the level that you'll never reach but can view.


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            A skydome is a Massive hemisphere that has a sky texture. Its really one large static mesh with a texture. In an additive level you simply place it like you would any other static mesh.

            Try adding one in Unreal Ed and you will see how it works.


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              Well I'm using subtractive mode, but do i just make my skydome larger than my level box and then make my level walls transparent materials or what? if so then is there a tut. showing how to make transparent materials anywhere?