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Jump Pad Static Mesh

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  • Jump Pad Static Mesh

    What package is the Jump Pad static mesh in UT3 Editor... or do you have to make the particles and stuff.

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    There's a package called PICKUPS.This has the jumpad material in it.As far as the mesh (the basepad itself) I do not know.Heck it may even be in there.

    You do not need to make a particle system.The yellow square emitter(or particle system) is there by default.U just do not see it until you hit the real time button in the upper left hand corner of the editor.If u want custom mesh jump pad them your guess is as good as mine.I guess u could scale down Epic's mesh and cover it with your's and set it to no collision.Not the best way,but it would work.


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      Do you want a dummy jumppad? If you want to add a working jumppad?

      In the ActorClasses tab of the generic Browser is the JumpPad Actor - just select it and right click Add in the map where you want it.


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        Cheapshot is correct. It's in ActorClasses under Navigation Points.