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Learning Unreal 3 from Scratch - new tutorial pages

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    Added another one - Skydomes and Non-Playable Space

    It covers
    - Placing and scaling a skydome mesh
    - Applying different sky textures/materials to a skydome
    - Setting proper skydome settings (collision, shadow casting)
    - Placing background objects and setting proper settings
    - Copying objects from another map


      Your tutorials are great! Keep up the good work plz!


        This is a fantastic threath, keep up the good work.

        Your tutorials have helped me to no end.

        Many thanks.


          Added a new topic - Height Fog and Atmosphere.

          It covers
          - How to set up Height Fog
          - Setting fog parameters
          - Some basic use cases
          - Alternatives to height fog (stealing static meshes from other levels)


            Just adding my thanks for the tutorials. Really looking forward to getting beyond the basics.


              I have to thank you again. Your tuts (& Hourences) continually get me out of trouble.

              Can't wait for more advanced stuff, particulary the making of cinematics.

              Excellent work, thanks again!


                Two more. Less exciting probably, but still very useful I hope.

                First, common build errors, common bugs, and how to fix them:

                The other is a Finaling Checklist - a list of everything you need to do before you go wide with your level (And links to tutorials on how to do it.)


                  Hey waylon, how do you make animated textures and then use them inside of the engine, i found tutorials for the old engines but nothing for the latest engine. Im just trying to duplicate the rain effect that was done in gears.


                    That could be a whole tutorial of its own. I'm not sure how it was done in Gears though. What you could do is make an object that's two cards crossed together, and about 512x512 units large. Give it a material for the rain, and place a bunch in the world.

                    The material would be a scrolling texture with the rain droplet effect on it. (Look at the TextureCoordinate and Panner nodes - that's how you'll get the rain to scroll.) There's a LOT you can do with multi-layering in the material to get more depth to the rain, but again, that's its own tutorial.

                    You could also do rain with a particle system, but that'll probably kill performance really quickly.


                      if you could help me out, im using unreal 2007 game, im not using the gears editor.


                      i went in and used this tutorial for the ripple effect but it because it needs to have a panner applied to it to get it to work, it flows and looks wierd.

                      i wanted to use flipbook but when i tried it on the terrain it just made where ever i painted "black".

                      I will try what you suggested, I am trying to redo a small level from the new rambo film, the part where they go in and free the Americans and its raining pretty hard and muds everywhere. So I want to get the raindrops down before i move foward.


                        Great stuff Waylon.

                        ** BOOKMARKED **


                          Still wish you could give us a hand with sound in UE3... it has put me at a standstill for over a month now...


                            This thread should be stickied, imo.


                              This could definately come in handy... Thanks so much!


                                Hey Waylon

                                Yo... Nice work. R U Gonna teach next term too? The intro was great. Maybe there could be an Advanced Unreal Class or one dedicated to single aspect like Kismet.