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Learning Unreal 3 from Scratch - new tutorial pages

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    Umm.. I have a question... how the heck do you apply textures in unrealed?

    In UT2k4 you clicked a surface and clicked a texture? What happened?

    And how do you export textures so I can shift hues?

    Edit: I found how to apply them.. materials? I guess? But what is this material editor... I'm definitely going to need a tut on this one... boxes and arrows.. oh my...

    and I thought all the experience from UT2k4 would pay off...


      has a nice guide to that.

      Watch UnrealEngine3.0lesson13

      it talks about the skybox but then does all the textures for the level besides just the sky =D its 56:55 long =o enjoy



        Nice job Waylon!
        Can't wait to see the more advanced tut's.

        If anyone gets a chance, be sure to check out his class at Gnomon.
        Waylon is an UE3 C.H.U.D.

        ~Mike D.



          thanx a LOT for sharing this way....


            I just finished all the basics. I wish I was in waylons class! =P

            Very good so far waylon keep up the easy to figure out tutorials!

            I'm having an issue with rooms. it seams I can run in the room the hall and the other room just fine intell i rebuild it. then it makes the rooms and hall no longer hollow =o

            What am I doing wrong ?

            It seams I have been deleting the subtractive yellow boxes =o

            ok after keeping the boxes and rebult it still does it..
            I can run in the room fine with out rebuilding but then after rebuilding the geo it cuases the box to no longer let me in it. and if you ghost into it you cant even see the outside walls.


              it seams this is editor is sort of like Doom 3 ed. I created a Gient room 10000 by 10000
              and hehe.. it runs at 898 fps lol.

              I'm currently messing around with bot pathing and omg! this one bot seams to like to grab the jump boots ive placed and jump onto the roof of a building and run across a beam then grab the amp from the other building and go hunting..

              its nice that you dont have to say Ok i want you to jump here allways when you get the boots.. instead he does it when he wants to =) the apples are helpfull

              oh and btw i'm not having any wierd build errors then falling off the world this way .


                Glad people are digging the tutorials!

                Hey Waylon after waiting 10 mins on the site it finally let me see your pictures. it said page done for 10 mins then bam half the pictures are showing while the other half still say its a picture and no errors detected..
                Err, yeah, I'm writing the tutorials in Word and then exporting HTML... it's doing some funky formatting stuff. I'll see if I can find a way to clean it up and make it load like normal.

                Umm.. I have a question... how the heck do you apply textures in unrealed?
                Oh man, I totally had a whole section on that written, but I must have overwritten it with an older version 'cause in the 2nd CSG tutorial it's just the outline. I'll update it again tomorrow.

                The short answer is, select the surfaces in the world, then click on a material or material instance in the generic browser, and the material will be applied. (You can't apply a texture directly.)

                I'm having an issue with rooms. it seams I can run in the room the hall and the other room just fine intell i rebuild it. then it makes the rooms and hall no longer hollow =o
                Sorry, it's tough to tell what's going on, but judging by your other post I guess you solved it? Anyway, posting a new thread with some screenshots would be a sure fire way to get some help.


                  Yeah I cant seam to just Create a box then create another box with a hallway correctly and try to build the map that way. cuases the rooms on the inside to go Poof there not really there =o but ther outsides are lol..

                  Currently working on DM-Kaelthas. and ZoMG following your simple instructions ive been able to progress fairly rapidly as long as I make a room 10,000 x,10,000 first and build in there..

                  I'd like to know how to create Rain water & sky. also Where is the wood textures ? is there any? i mean all my buildings have this stone texture in a wilderness enviroment setting. I'd like to have wood textures for my buildings.

                  also it seams all my weapons ammo & health packs vanished from the editor =o all I get is this little arrow line and nothing els if I place something in there. ive tried view all actors and still cant see them inless I play the map. I even have reloaded the editor

                  Heres some pictures (WIP) of DM-Kaelthas

                  I have no idea why my pictures wont show.. you can view them here. click pictures then my UT pics or something :P


                    if this happens to you where you cant see your weapon item pick ups and trees to name a few.

                    click the down arrow in the 3dview and select Default show flags.

                    some one told me that in another post


                      New topic up - importing custom meshes.

                      Also, I filled in the missing information on applying materials to CSG surfaces in this tutorial:


                        Sweet Nice job


                          Cleaned up the tutorials a little bit.

                          Now there's one specifically on working with packages and creating/importing assets.

                          It covers
                          - The basic workings of packages
                          - Creating new packages
                          - Where to save packages
                          - Importing assets
                          - Creating new assets
                          - Working with your map as a package (storing assets inside your map)

                          The tutorial on importing meshes is a little bit clearer now
                          - Exporting from Max and Maya
                          - Exporter plugin installation
                          - Proper exporter settings
                          - How to import the mesh
                          - Setting the object's scale and pivot location
                          - Adding a material (texture) to your mesh
                          - Creating collision geo (in editor or authoring in max/maya, dealing with convex geo, etc.)
                          - Other details (polygon count, multiple materials, 2-sided faces, hard/soft edges, smoothing groups, UV sets, and vertex colors.)

                          And I added a tutorial on importing textures and hooking them up.

                          It covers
                          - How to paint a texture
                          - Technical requirements (texture size, file format, alpha channels)
                          - Importing textures - proper settings for diffuse vs normal maps
                          - Creating a simple material and applying it to a mesh (overriding the material on a mesh)


                            Added a new topic - Lighting

                            It covers
                            - Point lights, Spot lights, Directional lights, and Sky lights
                            - Light properties for all four types
                            - The Search for Actors tool
                            - Postprocess volumes (basics)
                            - Lighting channels
                            - Basic lighting concepts (The sun, ambient light, area lights, highlights, bounce lights, spotlights, and fill lights)


                              Added a new topic - Lightmaps

                              It covers
                              - Basics of what lightmaps are and where they're saved
                              - Setting lightmap properties on BSP (CSG) and getting good shadows
                              - Long bake times
                              - The different between lightmaps and vertex lighting on static meshes
                              - Adding lightmaps to existing UT static meshes
                              - Creating lightmaps for custom static mesh (auto-generated in Unreal, hand-generated in Max and Maya)
                              - Tips for getting good results out of lightmap UVs.


                                Thanks! Where do you find the time to do all this