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Preparing your map for publishing and distribution

This is a sticky topic.
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    I want to publish and distribute the custom UT3 content of mine but I can not. I fail when cooking my stuff were it says: "Error, Failed to load base level DM-OvO". Does anyone know what the problem is?


      Never mind. I have solved the problem!


        Cooking for PS3

        I'm moving this post I did on PS3 cooking to here.

        1. Run UnrealFrontend.

        2. Select PS3 in the Platform toolbar combo.

        3. Click on the Cooking tab.

        4. Type in your map name in the "Maps:" textbox, eg. DM-MyMap.

        Only use standard letters and numbers in your map name, do not use extended characters such as punctuation, in other words, don't try using a map name such as DM-MyMap]|[ or it will fail to work properly.

        Note that your uncooked map must be located in the ...\My Documents\My Games\...\Unpublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps folder, same as for publishing for the PC.

        5. Leave the "Packages have changed" checked.

        6. Leave Language at "int".

        7. Set the Mod Type to the mod type eg. "Map" for a map.

        8. Set the PS3 Game Version to the target region (NA, Eu, etc.).

        9. Click on the Cook button.

        A dialog will pop up asking for the name of the mod, enter in your map name if you are cooking a map, eg. DM-MyMap. Make sure you get this correct.

        It will take a while and your map will be cooked. There will be some errors regarding "Failed to load ... Stealthbender ... ", ignore these.

        The cook puts the final map into a new folder under ...\My Documents\My Games\...\UTGame\Mods\PS3\ < the_map_name > .

        This folder will contain a set of files that are similar to:

        10. After cooking, a dialog will pop up telling you to edit the .ini file. You must do this before clicking ok. Add the proper text similar to a PC .ini for the screenshot and description.

        The PS3 does require one extra section in the .ini file to get the screenshot working on the console. This is the [Engine.PackagesToFullyLoadForDLC] section and the two lines below it. Make sure these are set to "MapName=UTFrontend" and "Package=" the name of your map as shown below.

        ; A mod containing multiple maps needs one of these 'MapInfo' sections for each map!
        ; Make sure to update MapName and FriendlyName for each map.
        [DM-Mapname UTUIDataProvider_MapInfo]
        Description=This is my l33t map!
        NumPlayers=2 to 8 Players
        After you have edited the .ini, click the ok button on that dialog

        11. Another dialog pops up asking you to save to the removable media card.

        You can use your local hard drive instead if you want, such as C:.
        Note that if you use a local drive, it will create a PS3 folder on the root of that drive, that contains a folder called SAVEDATA with another < blah > -MODIMPORT folder under that.

        Inside of the < blah > -MODIMPORT folder is a file called USERDATA.JAM, that is what is actually used on the console. It is a file that essentially contains all of the files from the PS3 folder packed into one.

        A person would copy the entire PS3 folder and its subfolders and the USERDATA.JAM to a data card and insert that into the PS3 console.
        Note that technically all you need to distribute is just the USERDATA.JAM file, you don't need to retain all of the folder name stuff.


          Does the map preview screenshot really apear for the PS3? I haven't seen any map with a screenshot on the ps3 version. As for my map. I did the same steps and it didn't work, here is my ini:
          [DM-Viscosity UTUIDataProvider_MapInfo]
          NumPlayers=8 to 16 players
          I didnt try the pc oversion because i have an "invalid cd-key issue" so i cant run the game unless I reformat my pc or find any other solution. But I've checked the puplished map on the editor and the texture is still there. BTW should the textures be Streemed or NeverStreemed?



            I cant cook my maps
            The command window always crash in the process:

            I tried it with other maps and it always crash at the same line. Its also strange that i always get the message that the packages need to be saved even if there are no packages for the map.


              Try deleting the LevelShaderCache files and re-cooking.
              If you only have a map file and no custom external packages, and you saved the map prior to cooking, then you can say No to the Save Packages prompt.


                I tried it with deleting the LocalShaderCache files but that only caused to crash it before the localshadercache lines.


                  I installed UT3 at my 2nd PC and the cooking works with no problem


                    i got a question bout cooking maps.after i cook my map i notice there is a LOC.upk question is, is this file needed? can i safely delete this file? also i notice there are 2 cmd (command) windows that open up.after my map is done cooking i can close out the first 1 that opened up, but if i go to close out the second one the cmd window crashes taking the editor with it so i have to close the first cmd window then close out the editor and wait for it to remove it self for my task amanger then i force close the second cmd window to avoid that error.


                      I'm having problems with publishing my map. Everytime I try and publish, there are 2 errors: the map and ini file aren't copied over to the published folder. Anyone know what the problem is?


                        Originally posted by DGUnreal View Post
                        2. Re-cook Inevitable
                        Gamers, Mappers, and Server Admins should be prepared to re-download all maps again after the first major patch.
                        The v1.2 patch was just released. Would you advise that we re-cook our custom maps and re-distribute them?


                          Patch 2 does fix a few issues, so optionally you may want to recook, especially if it is a terrain-based map. However, to prevent map version problems, either the recook will have to be renamed (or name-appended), or it will have to be redistributed to all server running it.


                            I m working on one ctf map and i have a question. After unfortunate loss of uncooked version of map, i m left with cooked version. So is it possible to uncook it and will there be any problems if i work on map that is already cooked. thx


                              Just open it up in the editor and you can continue working on it.
                              When you save it, it will essentially be uncooked again.
                              You just lose any original copies of custom textures you may have imported, only the compressed version will be left in the map file.


                                Stock Map Stats

                                I thought I would add this information to this thread since it is sticky.
                                This is the stats for the stock Epic UT3 maps for comparison, if any mappers wish to know how their map stacks up for total primitives (CSG chunks, StaticMeshes, Skeletal Meshes), total triangles and total lightmap size. This information is found on the Generic Browser Primitive Stats tab.

                                VCTF-Containment has the highest count at 5,635.
                                WAR-Torlan_Necris has the most triangles at 3,187,579.
                                CTF-Reflection has the largest lightmap usage at 24MB (24,944kb).

                                Map			Count	Inst.Triangles	Lightmap (kb)
                                CTF-Coret		4,482	2,063,598	10,277
                                CTF-Hydrosis		4,844	2,164,350	20,911
                                CTF-OmicronDawn		3,904	2,427,353	22,749
                                CTF-Reflection		3,886	1,607,384	24,944
                                CTF-Strident		2,869	1,368,738	14,410
                                CTF-Vertebrae		4,208	2,371,107	21,957
                                DM-Arsenal		4,375	1,650,794	22,345
                                DM-Biohazard		1,537	  664,277	 7,249
                                DM-CarbonFire		3,167	1,693,858	13,366
                                DM-Deck			4,949	2,405,811	16,253
                                DM-Defiance		2,682	1,252,985	16,550
                                DM-Deimos		3,765	1,607,275	17,234
                                DM-Diesel		3,412	1,638,422	18,605
                                DM-Fearless		1,133	  923,649	 9,001
                                DM-Gateway		1,809	1,526,466	15,509
                                DM-HeatRay		2,438	1,320,918	13,859
                                DM-RisingSun		2,478	1,067,919	15,963
                                DM-Sanctuary		4,474	2,998,054	23,452
                                DM-Sentinel		2,280	1,085,948	11,510
                                DM-ShangriLa		4,307	1,442,678	17,111
                                VCTF-Containment	5,635	2,243,727	10,848
                                VCTF-Containment_SP	5,610	2,236,025	10,783
                                VCTF-Corruption		4,186	2,967,934	17,936
                                VCTF-Kargo		4,665	1,484,241	16,600
                                VCTF-Necropolis		4,030	2,398,024	14,032
                                VCTF-Sandstorm		3,210	1,716,005	 8,744
                                VCTF-Suspense		2,406	1,598,907	17,529
                                WAR-Avalanche		2,488	2,446,738	14,617
                                WAR-Downtown		4,982	2,202,413	10,162
                                WAR-Dusk		3,277	2,779,060	10,226
                                WAR-Floodgate		4,037	2,496,703	12,467
                                WAR-Islander		4,850	2,235,885	12,722
                                WAR-Islander_Necris	4,877	2,249,594	12,678
                                WAR-MarketDistrict	3,769	1,671,236	18,401
                                WAR-OnyxCoast		3,913	1,800,335	18,115
                                WAR-PowerSurge		4,562	3,024,956	 6,391
                                WAR-Serenity		2,735	2,945,476	 8,183
                                WAR-Serenity_Necris	2,737	2,955,560	 8,244
                                WAR-Sinkhole		3,010	1,849,500	19,807
                                WAR-TankCrossing	4,914	2,043,893	15,132
                                WAR-Torlan		3,559	3,067,206	13,173
                                WAR-Torlan_Leviathan	3,510	2,889,454	13,173
                                WAR-Torlan_Necris	3,594	3,187,579	13,585