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Optimizing for UT3

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    Updated the article a little bit. Added some info that I left out before such as some info on occluding masking objects, speedtrees, and a few other things, took out a little, and fixed it up a little bit. Just a minor update so don't expect any large changes


      Originally posted by evilmrfrank View Post
      When talking memory most of the things can be taken into account for both PS3, and PC. Probably most important on the PS3 though since it actually has a limit. PC basically just to keep load times down and download size lower for servers. 32X32 is a high resolution for a terrain. Lower numbers for the terrain = lower quality lightmaps. Lower numbers for bsp surfaces = higher quality lightmaps.
      Whats up with that anyways? Why do a lower number on surfaces mean a higher rez lightmap? Does it have something to do with the units?


        Very useful thread, many THX to publish all that information

        I'll pass trough that optimization process when I'll get to my map final stage. Please, keep the info current & available so all the community can make better, optimized maps