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Publishing and Cooking UT3 Community Maps

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    Working now.



      Publishing works fine on my windows XP DX9c install
      It doesn't work in my Vista DX10 PC


        Working now. Thanks Epic.


          Ye, same here
          everything on hold .
          Can't export textures
          Can't publish

          I'm not spending weeks on a map that might be lost or not able to publish.
          I'll check back after the patch.
          If that doesn't fix it, I'm off to another engine.


            I'm having cooking problems too.
            Some background first:

            My "My Documents" folder is my D: drive and so I have to use the -nohomedir switch in order to force the game to use the installation folder for config files and such. Moving My Docs back to C: is not an option. The editor also needed the -nohomedir otherwise I couldn't use the in-editor game preview.

            When I started the map I'm working on I saved it in some other arbitrary folder in "My Documents" ( on D: ) (eg: d:\ut stuff\maps\). I've been working on it from there. The editor did not create any published/unpublished folders anywhere.

            When I press the button in the editor to publish I get an error "couldn't create..."

            and in the cli window I get this:

            When I specify the full path to the map on the commandline instead of through the editor I get the same thing.

            I tried creating the published/unpublished folder structure everywhere that might matter (D:\My Games\..., C:\Documents and Settings\My Docs\My Games\..., c:\games\unreal tournament 3\utgame\...) and then putting the map in the unpublished\CookedPC\Custom Maps\ folder, open it in the editor and then re-try to publish. Still same thing as screenshot.

            It says 0 errors and 0 warnings....obviously a bad sign. Oh, and incidentally, no files are created at all anywhere I can find after this.

            EDIT: I've since put my map in the utgame/unpublished/CookedPC/CustomMaps folder in the installation dir (I use -nohomedir) and open it in the editor from there. Using the -useunpublished switch the map does show up in the game properly and the ini was created. Still can't publish though. The user does have admin privilege.


              When I click publish map, it all goes smooth, but I don't get an INI file for the map?


                Originally posted by NEcRo- View Post

                Whats up with the double \\?
                Is no one really able to say what is going on here with this/these errors?

                It is frustrating spending days working on maps that can't be released.


                  Working now.


                    On further investigation, I have this solution for my problem.

                    Hope it works for you chaps
                    I'm using Vista and I think it is a Vista specific problem.

                    Here goes! :_

                    started with this

                    Ok , go to the games insallation folder

                    go to unrealtournament3/binaries folder

                    find UT3.exe application

                    right click and open up the properties for this puppy.

                    then go to the compatabilities tab

                    click show settings for all users

                    at the bottom tick the Run this program as administrator

                    click OK to all

                    like this

                    Fire up the editor

                    you will be asked for permission to continue(yes)

                    then I got this


                      I'm not using vista, XP SP2, so not much help for me. Running as administrator just crashes the editor before it can start for me.


                        Originally posted by Entropy View Post

                        I'll try to update this thread as necessary with new / relevant information.

                        Happy mapping!

                        How about making good on that? I'd be happier if I could publish this map I've been working on.


                          since the new patch it will say it cooked fine then i go to play it and its the same thing i started with. Honestly this is really starting to **** me off. They better fix this **** or I will be bald from pulling my hair out


                            Originally posted by ColonelPanic View Post
                            How about making good on that? I'd be happier if I could publish this map I've been working on.
                            x2 billion


                              Am I the only one that really hates the folder layout? Why's it have to over-complicate things : /


                                Documents and Settings is a CRAPPY place to put this stuff. I have enough space for my OS on the C: drive, and my games are installed on D:. Is there a way to place these files elsewhere on the drive?