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Applications you can use for Unreal Modding

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  • Applications you can use for Unreal Modding

    Lets compile a list of applications people can use to create content for unreal.
    I have listed some applications. Please add to it.
    Try to keep in mind that most people are hobbyist and can't afford $1k+ for applications. -Maya PLE, limited but will do what you need for unreal, free -capable, but has the interface from hell, free - very easy to use, like it a lot, free - milkshape, very good for games,interface not the best, $25.00 - good, builtin renderer ,$149.00 - silo, very easy to use, powerful, I use it over max/maya for modeling, $159.00

    I have only listed what I have used personally.
    I listed the applications for under $200
    There are plenty of great programs like modo, zbrush, xsi, lightwave, but they are all over $500

    All the above have trial downloads, so I would try each one to see which fits you.

    Unreal likes its meshes to be in ascii format.
    Blender, milkshape, maya - have ascii support.

    If you like a program that does not have ascii support you can use the maya PLE to load in the model and save it back out.

    2d paint/photo programs

    Of course photoshop , but its expensive. - supports lots of photoshop features, free - twisted brush, paint program, good features, free - dogwaffle, not well known, but very powerful paint program, free

    Thats all I can think of right now.
    Please add to the list !

  • #2
    Maybe blender does not have a noob friendly interface, but believe me if you got used to it it is kinda good.


    • #3
      I think the biggest problem with blender is that its interface is so unique that what you learn in it , doesn't apply to other applications.
      I've followed blender since its inception, but the interface remains its bad point.


      • #4
        I agree. I learned Blender after learning Max and Maya and had a hard time adjusting to the interface. A lot of it is accessed through shortcuts you really have to know you way around to use it well. Once you get pass that Blender is very impress for a free program. You can do just about anything just a well as you would in the commercial programs.
        I wounder if Epic will what an Actor X plugin for Blender? I want to try creating characters in it.


        • #5
          Sidefx has just released houdini apprentice HD for 99.00
          Houdini is one of the most powerful cg programs there is.
          Its like Maya on steroids.
          I about fell out of my chair when I saw the price.
          Normally a basic version of houdini is about 2500.00
          The advanced versions can be 9K+

          If you want to learn some software that will let you make things for UT3, and also give you experience with something that the really high end film studios use, houdini is it.

          The interface takes some getting used to, but its not bad.
          The only thing that was keeping people away from it in the past was the cost, but a version for 99.00 is phenomonal.


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            well all im gonna say if you wanna work with peter jackson u better know maya, cus lotr and king kong is mostly maya


            • #7
              Yes they used maya in those films, but they also used houdini in them.
              Houdini never got the press that Maya did because it was not targeted at the general public, but studios only. There were no learning editions, no download trials. You had to call them , they would send a consultant and discuss your needs, then you would purchase.

              Hopefully it will get more widespread now that they are lowering the cost of ownership.


              • #8
                Arson >> Houdini would be interesting if it supported the necessary formats to begin with - which it does not as far as I'm concerned.


                • #9
                  Houdini supports ascii as well as being able to export to actorx format


                  • #10
                    well i know maya was used for animimation for models, and a huge ammount was used for particles and effects. Maya is prob one of the biggest ones for its partical systems because its scripting is so good. im guessing a lot more of the actual modeling may have been done in another program though. That i can see.


                    • #11
                      Actually houdini is better known for particles than Maya.
                      Remember the river of horses in lotr ? That was done with houdini.
                      Houdini 's main benefit is that the entire system is procedural .It allows for artist to do things in cg that would require programmers in other software.

                      In this months cg magazine there is a tutorial showing how to create a set of rocks, that melt into puddles that blend together on the ground, and then a figure comes up out of the melted puddle. Sort of terminator movie style. In other software that would be harder to do , though it can be done.

                      I'm not saying that maya isn't powerful software, just that for 99.00 you can't beat what your getting. Also people with maya experience are everywhere so jobs are harder to find. But people with houdini experience are the minority. Having both maya and houdini on a resume would put you leaps above others. Mayas strength is in its animation and character rigging. Houdini can not touch it in that area.

                      I use mainly maya and max, houdini was out of range for me until now.


                      • #12
                        Houdini is the SFX master toolset.

                        Maya is much more character animation driven.

                        IMO, neither of them are the best choice if you're just after a modeller. Go with Wings or another free tool. They're just as capable and really, the powertools in both Maya and Houdini wouldn't be much use to you.

                        I use both of them at work, and prefer Maya (I'm much better at building my own tools in Maya) for the bulk of my work, but especially when it comes to particle fx, nothing beats Houdini.

                        But if you MUST go for either Maya or Houdini for your UT work, go Maya PLE. Free, and fully functional.

                        EDIT: And Arson is absolutely right. If you want to learn something that will give you an edge in VFX, go Houdini. Everyone is learning Maya these days. If you do learn Maya, learn how to program your own tools. Huge advantage. But if you REALLY want the big $$$, learn Renderman shader programming


                        • #13
                          Go for Blender. The more people support and use Blender, the better it will become.


                          • #14
                            I don't see this arguing with Houdini vs Maya crap. All you bring up isn't even compatible to use in UT3, this is a "tools for modding" thread after all.


                            • #15
                              Actually Maya is compatible with UED. Kthx :P

                              Not sure about Houdini. But thanks for the help Mr. Forum Pohleece!