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Ports and Remakes advice thread

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  • Ports and Remakes advice thread

    Not to steal thunder from the two threads:

    Maps that need to be Ported


    Official Classic Map Remake thread

    But this thread has a different purpose. Not to point out which maps should be ported or remade, but I want to give advice and spell out a few things as a former mapper and as a person who's thought alot about having old maps make their returns in new map series. First, let's outline some terms.

    Port - when a map is copied from one editor to another, and the base world geometry is much the same, with little modification.

    Remake - when a map is created from scratch in the latest editor, built to adequately represent the original map in another game.

    Those are two different things. So lets keep that in mind when we talk about map ports and remakes.

    Unreal Units - the basic unit of measurement in Unreal Engine games.


    Next, I want to talk about map size and scaling. In UT and UT2 (UT2k3 and UT2k4) there were two different map scales. A UT player was 80 units tall whereas a UT2 player was 88 units tall. This means a UT2 player is generally 10% taller than a UT player, though relatively speaking they are the same size when you play. A player character is presumed to be 6' tall in-game. I can elaborate more on this, but generally speaking for UT maps to be ported to UT2 they need to be upscaled 12.5% to appear the same size. Run speed and dodge distance were generally 12% or so greater in terms of Unreal Units in UT2, and 12.5% is a good number that mathematically works best for map ports. Ironically UT2 bounding boxes were about 35% wider, which was baffling to me, actually.

    One thing that needs verification from someone who currently owns the retail version of the game, is whether or not UT3 uses the same Unreal Units (or UU's from now on) as UT2. That's possible, from what I've heard in comments in Bersy's player height/camera thread. But it would be great to know for sure. If so, then it's possible to have UT2 maps ported straight over without any resizing.

    That's a matter of size. Now let's talk about scaling. UT2 maps, if ported straight over to UT3, might have a problem of being too large in terms of scaling. Particularly in terms of being too wide. Many maps were designed around dodge-jump being in the game, from how ramps worked at certain angles, to what areas could be reached with a dodge-jump or wall dodge-jump. However I believe maps ported from UT, upscaled to 12.5%, might need very little work to play well in UT3. But time will tell, after mappers test the waters.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the run speed, dodge distance, and jump height might be significantly changed, relatively, compared to previous versions of UT. I will test this myself when I get the full version of the game, by making more custom maps and doing testing of my own. But jump height in particular seems lower, and double jump might not be much higher than an original single jump in UT.


    I think other mappers should give advice in this thread, specific to ports and remakes. For example, be considerate of other mappers who might be making the same ports or remakes. The final name should not be identical to someone else's map name. For example if you make a CTF-Face remake, don't just name it CTF-Face4 and call it a day. You're probably not the only person making a Face remake. Name it something like CTF-Face4-LE-102 or CTF-Face4-UltronRemake. And most likely Epic themselves will make their own CTF-Face so just steer clear of a direct rename of a map that is going to be overshadowed by an Epic release.

    Any other map-making tips would be good, too. I'll throw out one map-making tip I used for redundancy. I would rename each map after an incremental change to DM-Map01a, DM-Map01b and so forth, until I came to the final builds.

    Anyhow, lets keep this thread clean and constructive. Thanks in advance!