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Patrolling AI framework idea

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  • Patrolling AI framework idea

    Seems like the Unreal modding community often lacks in games with AI that can do more than Run-N-Gun. I'd imagine that if the option for a Patrol style AI existed - one that could be customized to act more like real people, who see things only when they are in front of them, or hear things when sound is made - would be useful for mods to add increased gameplay and challenges.

    Games like Splinter Cell, Thief, Penumbra, Metal Gear Solid, are more strategy based, following guard routes, paying attention to the way they are looking. As opposed to games like HL2 & Tomb Raider where AI are based on trigger events, or games like UT where AI just "know" where you are.

    There have been a few mods like Damnation and Thievery for UT99 (which has one of the best AI I've seen in any mod) that have sight & sound based AI that can patrol, give chase, raise alarms, call for backup, push buttons, relight torches, etc.

    It would be great if some AI coder would take the role of making a framework that mod teams could use and maybe customize for their own use. Kinda like the "Old Skool Monsta Toolz" or the "Single Player Framework" ideas.

    This could be good for games like Red Orchestra clones or stealth based games like project stealth, or games that use UE3's dynamic lighting and shadows.

    Any takers?

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    Bump... no thoughts? comments? flames?


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      i like this to actually creep up on sum1 from behind and flak em right in the back


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        a combined effort to make a simple to use AI system, could actually be pretty sweet. Although, I question how practical it could be, since AI usually is specialized for the game...Still if people tend to default to DMish AI anyways, then a group which tries to experiment with variety may not be a bad thing...


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          It would probably be aimed more at mods that don't focus on the run-n-gun DM style. Guard style AI that can have personalities and names, or guards like MGS that were dime-a-dozen but still did things like yawn and stretch and fall asleep. Perhaps with the right base, it could be left open for other "states" and be improved on as it goes.