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    Originally posted by Zeran View Post
    as you may know, vugames ****ed it up with Tribes vengeance...the speed was awsome tho, but the game was so limited since they discontinued support and didn't wanna release the SDK. so my question is: same "base" engine, so I was wondering if it's gonna be possible to mod UT3 so we have jetpack and/or skiing capabilities? cuz I love high speed combat and mid-air ownage. ^.^ instagib's jumping is decent, but the sniper is ridiculously OP. + that gets rid of the stupid right left, left right strafe dodging. =P
    That would be neat, if the Tribes community adopted a UT3 Tribes mod.

    I bought Tribes: Vengeance on clearance (after having played a little Tribes 2) and thought that it had nice looks and a very nice feel to it and I liked the movement. However, I thought the weapons sucked big time. (It takes more than a Spinfusor to make a decent game.)


      Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
      That would be neat, if the Tribes community adopted a UT3 Tribes mod.
      If the game was close in design to Tribes though, VUG would shut it down. And whether the Tribes community would adopt players with jetpacks but a totally different game with different weapons is doubtful. If the Tribes community had been willing to bend a bit on game design, then T:V wouldn't have died like it did. The community boycotted it because it wasn't identical to T2, and essentially killed their own game universe.


        ya most of the weapons were way too slow. skilled ppl could easily move around 200/300 + mph. heck at some point I even ended up going faster than my Spinfusor disc. LOL I liked TV because not only did you have to aim like a freakin god, you also had to move insanely fast to survive. Oh well, I wish I had the modding knowledge to make this come true.


          Originally posted by GrimReaper View Post
          Are you talking about a Tribes 2 mod for UT3 made by Avalanche Studios?

          Just wondering?
          Hehe that would be cool

          I had a Game Design class, and one of my assignments was to create a game design doc, so i created it on the next installment of Tribes as a mod using the UT3 engine. After our assignments were done we had the opportunity to head up to Avalanche studios to present our ideas to get feedback from the developers. Was a neat experience.


            Found this:


              WoOT!! sweet!!! but I noticed after tampering with some speed/jump commands that most weapons in UT are too slow...Nothing that can't be fixed I guess ^.^+

              The thing is, if ppl can move faster and jump higher, th're gonna stop strafing around like morons and the whole gameplay experience is gonna be a lot better.