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Kismat help

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  • Kismat help

    im currently creating a game for my course. im trying to add dialog to the game kinda like the old style rpgs where a text box shows up and displays an image when you talk to an npc. ive managed to code a scaleform gui for 3-4 events when the player talks to npc 1 and a set of dialog shows up and the player has do do something comes back to npc 1 and gets another set of dialog. problem is when i code the second set of dialog for the second npc located in a different area i get 1 set for npc to player goes back to npc 1 and when i try to access the dialog 4 the udk tends to crash idk if its because im loading to many events or gui's at once or is there another solution around this. my tut was telling my a way to set it out in one flash file and just change the set frame node in kismats but i would know how to go about this. any advice is helpful thanks =3

    kind regards kurlzy.

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    Not much information. However, this is the UT3 forum. You have to look for the UDK forum: It's a scaleform specific question which only exists in UDK.


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      sorry it wont let me post in that forum for some reason.

      This is npc 1

      this is npc 2

      this is npc 1 seconds time after speaking to npc 2


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        Originally posted by kurlzy View Post
        sorry it wont let me post in that forum for some reason.
        Oh. I thought it will last till end of 2016. Check here:

        Regarding your problem. What does the Launch.log say? It may be a recursion loop crash. Other than that, I would implement that as a state system and not using boolean checks.


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            Nothing I can see, remotely. Try if it's the Scaleform dialog itself. Replace dialog 1 with dialog 4 (the flash UI not the kismet script).