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code has no effect ingame

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    Oke thank you, that worked!! i overlooked it in the tutorial of geodav, my eyes get a little strained sometimes if i read intensivle.

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    What isn't working? You placed the vehicle factory in a map? Does it compile without any warning (yellow) and errors (red)?

    The one thing which is not correct is the vehicle path. It must be a fully qualified path which includes the package name your class is in, a dot and the class name.

      * Copyright 1998-2007 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
     class UTVehicleFactory_SManta extends UTVehicleFactory;
             Begin Object Name=SVehicleMesh
             End Object
             Begin Object Name=CollisionCylinder
             End Object

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    I see they don't work indeed. Maybe i better try

    i understand i am not supposed to do it this way as Geodav also mentioned in his tutorial, but i am learning from tutorials that i can find and what he is making is in the direction of what i want to create also.

    i have no education in programming so i dont know teh reason im not supposed to code it this way,

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    The pastebins are empty (non working for me).

    I recommend not copying files, renaming it etc. For that tutorial, sublcassing with be the proper approach.

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  • started a topic code has no effect ingame

    code has no effect ingame

    I thought i posted a new thread yesterday but it seems something went wrong, so i try again.

    I used this tutorial

    because i wanted to try the coding part for learning unrealscript.

    i did exactly the same as geodav in his tutorial did with his code; renaming the files and keeping the code.
    now it compiles fine without errors or warnings, but if i add my custom vehicle in unreal editor and play to test it,
    then in the game the changes i made seem to have no effect.

    i deleted the "native" line in one of the files just like geodav did.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this because i just want to learn.