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is it possible to update navmesh during runtime?

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    is it possible to update navmesh during runtime?

    so im working on a project where a bot is randomly wandering around a level and then through player input ie from a mouse click an object (interpactor in this case) is spawned and then the bot walks towards it. That part i got down, the main problem is with the addition of collision on these objects, the bot cant seem to pathfind around these objects. So lets say there two objects in front of the bot, it'll go to the first object and then notice the second object but the first one is in it's way, but the Ai determines its a straight line to the second object so it just starts walking forward. I'm pretty sure it's because the newly spawned object isnt being registered to the navmesh, so is it possible to update the navmesh during runtime or is there some other work around im just not aware of??

    It could be possible, however I don't think so it is possible in UnrealScript. I think you can fix such navigation problem with NavigationPoints (PathNodes). Check the related UDN article:

    Possible related:

    Btw. you posted in the wrong forum. UDK forum is over here.