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Custom AI/UTBots (Server) [Tutorial]

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    Custom AI/UTBots (Server) [Tutorial]

    Custom AI/UTBots (Server)
    Ever wanted to have a UTBot HammerJump in VCTF? I have always wanted this. Unreal Tournament has the Best AI ever. "More Human Than Human". There is no way i can code a better bot but i was hoping people* would like to help.
    • The Tutorial will be coming soon,(that is if i can get it to work for UT3) one is available already online and that's how i got this:
    • I ran a quick test today took a couple of hours but it works for UT2004. (Unreal Code works )

    Quick Video:

    Maybe it is possible to... ?:
    • Get trace information of players similar to RypelCam to generate Human Paths that bots can follow
    • Use custom path nodes or triggers in maps to allow bots to decide on HammerJumps
    • Add a deciison tree based on Human neuronetworks
    • output paths as a chart in 3D using the X,YZ, extents from say e.g. 1- 20,000 [map extent on each axis]
    • then draw oaths for these events/ player networks.

    Other Uses:
    • code new AI/UTbots with different settings without having to compile Unreal Script
    • Easy server setup and compatibility [ut2004 at least]
    • maybe run a custom gametype with Horde/ Invasion type bots.

    Tutorial Link & Credits:

    - I will make a written tutorial but this works with some tweaking.

    - Information to read

    • Sorry... By *people i mean RattleSN4K3 & i only say that because i only ever see you code/ helping people, not much activity from others
    • - Also ... it would be great if other people got more involved in the forums, i know New UT etc.

    AI coding is a hell of a work. I don't want start something with it. GameBots is actually a good start. But if you want to work with it, you have to know a lot of programming and AI principles. A fully dynamic BotPathing isn't even possible with UE3 as the NavPoints are precalculated and store important values.

    You can have a look at this and try to get in contact with Ploep who was trying to mod the UT3 version of GameBots.

    Also, fox (moddb profile) did a lot of AI work with foxMod.