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    Okay. I'm waiting. I'm currently working on something else to post it in the UT4 forum (as a prototype), let me know if I should cook for PS3.


      • BotBalancer_Alpha3-13_NoSceneClass = Frozen @ 100%
      • re-boot PS3, disable mods, Boot UT3, re-enable mods = frozen

      my mod list shows the Lightning gun from a long time ago, i cannot recall if i got it working on PS3 so it may have issues left over from that, but if that is not the case then its the botbalancer


        I have no idea why the PS3 version is not working reliable. Alpha1 and Alpha2 kinda works. Alpha3 and Alpha4 are not working, but Alpha3-13 is also not working which is quite similar to Alpha2. Not sure if I have to remove a specific class.

        I have pending changes atm on Alpha5 and I'm gonna commit these. I guess I should have to re-work on the PS3 version from scratch (starting from zero). Give me some days to create that (gonna post updates).


          Okay. To get a clean PS3 version, just might start from the beginning (basing on Alpha2). Hopefully, there won't be any issue.


            Instead of re-creating the mutator for the PS3 version of it, I just used Alpha4 and removed most of the code which is in relation to UI and probably the problems with the UT3 on PS3.

            Please, test this mutator:

            Hopefully, I can re-implemented the/a UI if everything is working again.