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3rd game and using kismet new camera but i can't go back old camera ?

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    Is it working for you?

    No delete. Anyone else can have that question and trying to search for it. Next time, just check where to post it and where it would fit properly.
    Not every coder knows how to do kismet. Kismet is only used for level editing. (Experiened - and these are the ones who would reply) Level designers probably know more about kismet than the majority of coders.

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  • replied
    OK sorry
    I first go here
    i don't know it;
    but I had find a solution to the problem.
    this can delete?

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  • replied
    It is not coding at all. Kismet is not UnrealScript. It's visual scripting. Coding is not level editing. You're problem is related to the editor and Kismet. This is level editing.

    I gave you a solution. Did you try it?

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  • replied camera that controlling character is UnrealScript pawn class,
    don't select object to kismet,
    this is my main problem!!

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  • replied
    Set "Cam Target" to the same object as "Target.

    PS: You're problem is not Programming or UnrealScript related. It's about Level editing ->

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  • 3rd game and using kismet new camera but i can't go back old camera ?

    i use 3rd game and then use kismet switch the new camera(kismet set camera targer)

    but i can't go back to camera that controlling character ?
    how can i do?
    destory camera??

    please.tell me.Teachers