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Stopping Team Bots from attacking each other

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    Stopping Team Bots from attacking each other

    I'm inheriting from UTTeamGame and using UTTeamPlayerStart actors set to teams 0 and 1. The bots spawn just fine however they will attack the other bots on the same team as well as the player. How do I get the UTBots to not attack their team members?

    Separetely, I'm using TargetController.SetTeam( x ) to force the bots to change to specific teams at runtime. However their glow colors while distant don't update. Also the bot armor isn't team colored up close, they stay just the basic brownish armor. How can I fix it so their colors represent their correct team?

    The player's pawn is the same model as the bots' pawn, however the player's pawn's uv textures are completely messed up. What could cause this and how do I fix it?

    Thank you.

    Each team has an own AI (along with the bot AI). Extending the UTeamGame should not be a problem in general. Hard to guess your problem without specific code.