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Help CustomWeap (resolved)

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  • Help CustomWeap (resolved)

    Ayuda espero que me puedan ayudar llevo 2 dias con este misterio el sript esta bien no sale eror pero se cierra sin explicacion
    cuando cambio algo sale la advertencia pero sigo sin crear el U : (

    Help I hope you can help me with this I have 2 days sript UCC mystery out okay no error but closes without explanation
    when something does change the warning but still can not create the U: (

    UC to U crask : (
    Weap is OK
    animation tree OK
    Ammo? Crask

    Section Ammo crash and 0 errors: P

    Unreal-X-Editor used Script and UnrealTournament3Ed
    wach problem:

    Mi poryect is convert Halo weapons and unreal 2 the awakening weapons to UT3: D

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    is this for udk ????


    • #3
      Unreal tournament 3


      • #4
        Sometimes (read always...) UE3 have problem with finding resources - copy any your resource package to Published\CookedPC
        Originally posted by SKaa3w View Post
        Mi poryect is convert Halo weapons and unreal 2 the awakening weapons to UT3: D
        Red == Bonne chance...


        • #5
          closes UT3E make Error no working

          WP_Assaultrifle.u ambiguous error: (


          • #6
            Not .u, package which contain stuff like SM/Tex etc. - .upk


            • #7
              UPK direction= C:\Users\PABLO-ISI\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\published\CookedPC\CustomWeapons WP_Assaultrifle.upk
              C:\Users\PABLO-ISI\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished\CookedPC\CustomWeapons WP_Assaultrifle.upk
              C:\Users\PABLO-ISI\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Src\WP_Assaultrifle\Classes contents 3 UC (wep attach ammo)
              UT3 make = no create U (script faild) and force anbiguos U scrit not detected

              0 erros compiling is closed


              • #8
                You can't give the same name for resource package (.upk) as for class package (.U).


                • #9
                  : P add D in DWP_Assaultrifle.uc is working : D

                  wach: : Cool:

                  Download Demo UT3 Halo Weapon WP_Assaultrifle.upk is free

                  and thx your help