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    changing levels

    hello guys,

    I have set my game objective as collecting 20 gold coins in all to go on to the next level.I am done with designing 3 levels for my game with AI, gameplay , cinematics everything in place.All i have to do is now connect those three levels together. How do i achieve this . I know it is possible in kismet using console command thingy but my objective is to collect 20 coins and then move on to the next level or place some kind of a trigger into the level after the player collects 20 gold coins which would help moving on to the next level. How do i achieve it using unreal script and kismet both together?

    Is there any unreal script code to change the current map to a different one? If there then what i plan to do is after the player collects 20 coins i would spawn an actor somewhere in my level and in the touch event i could write the code to change the current map to a new one? Is this possible?



      Yes, you need a trigger for it in your level, and then you just need to add a console command - load mapname or start mapname

      Obviousley replace mapname with the name of your map

      All this can be done in kismet in seconds


        you lack a considerable amount of detail when explaining you game- of which is necessary to recommend an appropriate response/ idea .

        - thus.... Why are you collecting coins?- this aint sonic the hedgehog- you should add some discernible point to the collection objective.

        - also ....where and when is the pawn picking the last coin?
        - i assume; this could be anywhere in the level and in any order dependent on player choice i guess-
        - or if the last coin is in the last part of the map- then you have your end LOL

        - come on make an effort ffs-
        - what is the game - whats teh environment- can you use a teleporter type event- inside a level stream volume?

        to quote RattleS4k3 [badly- because i am too lazy to find his post]
        "it is like gropping in the dark"

        - because i could say
        - why dont you turn you player into an eagle after he collects the coins and have him fly away into a volume in the sky- and start the next level in the sky.
        and it sounds a feasible solution because you say f*all about you game

        - get my drift? lol

        - lol p.s. RS that mad eme laugh- but its so true

        && at OP// you can do this with code on its own- or kismet on its own- or both