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scripting pickup factories

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  • scripting pickup factories

    Hi, I need a bit of help trying to spawn a pickup factory and it being functional in the game, I'm extending UT so let it be the UTPickupFactory_SuperHealth class does anyone know exactly what I would need to do?

    Spawn(class'UTPickupFactory_SuperHealth',,,SpawnLocation, );

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    ok forgot using factories if I spawn something inherited from UTDroppedItemPickup e.g UTDroppedShieldBelt that's fine for what I need. But the lifespan is limited as it will fade away after a few seconds then the Destroyed() event gets called so how can I prevent it from disappearing?


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      Set LifeSpan=0.0...


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        I'm a little rusty, but if I remember right, the main differance between using a regular pickup class (UTPickupFactory_SuperHealth) vs a UTDroppedItemPickup has to do with the BotPath network. The PickupFactory's are made so that when the bot path network is built, it is a permament path that bots will know exactly where the item is and also use it, to move around to other attaching pathnodes. Where as a DroppedItemPickup is dynamicly and temp added to the EXISTING botPath network during in the game.

        PickupFactory class is the actor placed into the map in UnEd. That PickupFactory (when picked up by a pawn) will then either directly alter the owning pawn or actualy spawn the actual inventory class, that the pawn carries (i.e.; UTPickupFactory_JumpBoots --> UTJumpBoots)

        Hope this helps you