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Looking for Animators

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  • Looking for Animators


    I am looking to find people that have had experience in creating animations in UDK / Unreal Editor / UT3.

    I want to discuss the possibility of creating a short video series using standard and custom UT3 maps as the environments, and using stock and some custom characters from UT3 in the video animations. Since the maps and characters exist there wont be anything new required to develop, just the animation time.

    It would be a group of characters (ranging from 2 to 10) that interact in the videos, anywhere from talking to walking, running, driving vehicles, shooting, etc. They have to look as good as cut scenes from the game.

    Basically I want to create a series of videos and would like to discuss with anyone that has experience in this area, can offer some help, inform me on what resources are required and amount of time it takes to create a video of 4 to 5 min long.