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UTDeathMatch (Bots) & UTTeamGame (Timer) Help.

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    UTDeathMatch (Bots) & UTTeamGame (Timer) Help.

    I have no idea how do I put this but hopefully someone will be able to help me.

    Qns 1, UTDeathMatch:

    When I followed some tutorials on the internet, most of them extends from UTDeathMatch, I was actually ok with it. However, after then I realize the bots are killing each other instead of just aiming for me. Is there anyway to stop the bots from killing each other? Or do I have to include AI codes to actually stop the bots from killing each other.

    So after which I decide to try changing to UTTeamGame instead and hence here is my qns 2:

    A. How do I remove the timer as shown in the image, (I've tried looking at the codes itself but I couldn't tell which are the codes that corresponds to the timer...I've also tried goggling it but to no avail...)

    B. & also can I use that timer to my own advantage in other ways instead, such as creating a visual time bar for my skill to work?

    And just side qns, extending from UTDeathMatch or UTTeamGame, which is better?

    Does it make sense? & Thanks in advance.

    Ok,I just realize I've posted in the UT3 thread instead of UDK so please ignore this as I have no idea how to delete a this thread.

    Head here to help me please instead.