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Running my first project

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    Running my first project

    Hello there,

    I have been following this tutorial:

    2 problems:

    - Intellisense does not work. Visual studio does not color anything and does not autocomplete. I have restarted the project

    - Also, I have built my project as he said. VS said it succeeded. MyGame.u is in the UDK-2009-12\UTGame\Script directory. But I can't run the project. The green arrow to run the project is grayed out...

    I have nFringe v. A couples of things I have noticed along the way.

    - First, In Project property, in the general tab, there is no Target Game drop down. Can't choose "Unreal Engine 3 Mod". There is also no "Reference source path" entry. Can't choose: The src path. Guess this is why my intellisense ain't coming up.

    - In Project property, in the build tab, there is no "Manually set our UCC output directory". But that doesn't seem too important. It put the MyGame.u script file in the script directory anyway.

    Any help setting this up?

    Oh well,

    I reinstalled nFringe and UDK. I have built my project inside the Development/src/ folder like what was advised by this tutorial:

    Result, build worked and I can start the project! I start it... everything look fine... I see the screen "Powered by Unreal"... and then the program crash! It leaves no hint on what happened. Another bad sign is that it didn't copy MyGame.u in the script folder.

    Any help? Thanks in advance.


      this is the ut3 forum you want the udk forum over here