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Sending localization files to clients?

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  • Sending localization files to clients?

    Hey all!

    Is there any way to get localization files (.int and friends) to clients when they do not download and install the mod, but simply retrieve by connecting to a server?

    I have big doubts right now after doing some testing and since initially, Epic didn't even allow default values for localized strings in UE3, this is retarded. What use is the localization feature if you cannot get any text to clients this way (already frustrated my in UT2004)...

    Does anyone maybe know a way?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Clients always only download packages. Any other files (config, localization, in UT2004 also OGG Vorbis music and UCL/UPL files) will be ignored. Your best bet would probably be a kind of localization class that defines a list of translated texts, but your mod will have to read them manually and for obvious reasons that won't work in the main menu.