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Client side and server side config with mutators

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    Client side and server side config with mutators

    I was wondering, how do you differentiate a server side ini config from a client side config in uscript while making a mutator?

    What I would like to do is allow all players to have an individual "profile" in their own local ini that is accessed by the server side mutator for various purposes. For instance, the profile will be the same when the player log on to another server with the same mutator.

    I have seen tutorials for server side config.
    class ThisClass extends TemplateClass config(ThisConfig);
    var config datatype variablename;
    How do I load and save a client side config from a server?

    Didn't find this when I searched here or on Google.

    The ini files are always local, this counts for the server as well as clients. If you want the server to obtain the client's settings you need to write a function that sends the client's settings to the server