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Modifying a weapon.

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    Modifying a weapon.

    For those who don't like reading skip to last bit.

    I've searched for a tutorial on how to start making a custom weapon for a while now, no result. Gamespy servers are down, and so are the tutorials there. The ut40k tutorials are very shallow and didn't help me either.

    From what i've gathered of information i managed to make a UPK file with my selfmade sniper rifle. I modified the UTWeap_SniperRifle so it directs to that package. Made a config file as well.

    So I've modified a stock weapon, but the problem is, when i join the game and replace a weapon by my own, it doesn't show up while playing. What am I doing wrong? Link me to a very in depth tutorial if anyone has one.



      thanks CallOfTheReaper for the link a lot of my video's are still up on my filefront page

      @Beastenator, not very clear about the problem, have you chaecked your launch.log, does the pickup show, does the 3rd person mesh show, have you tried changing the playerview offset.

      just a few thing you always need to check with new content

      ps i can't check much with out the code (uc) files


        Originally posted by CallOfTheReaper View Post
        I said that didn't help me a lot, it's not in depth enough.

        I just saved as a .u file, should be the same as a .UC


          geuss you need a few tutorials on coding unreal script, you need to compile your .uc script to create a .u file. might be an idea to watch the how to start a mod videos

          and yes even a simple weapon is classed as a mod


            @geodav, I did one day modify the enforcer codes and had his same problem, it wont show up while playing and you can't even pick it up