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How do I change the explosion?

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    Ok, step by step:
    1. Subclass The Redeemer weapon, projectile and guided projectile. (that one's a Vehicle, actually)
    2. Make the subclasses weapon use your subclassed projectiles.
    3. Make the projectiles have a higher damage radius and use your new explosion effect.
    4. Compile.
    5. Play and enjoy.

    (Sorry, but what the hell did you expect? There are only tutorials and step-by-step guides for learning the tools and methods, not for achieving very very specific goals like this.)

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  • started a topic How do I change the explosion?

    How do I change the explosion?

    How do I change the explosion and blast radius of the redeemer? I want to make a mushroom cloud and a huge blast radius.

    Please give me a tutorial or step by step...