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Getting Started? Help me get ready please!

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    Getting Started? Help me get ready please!

    Ok! I got all the programs needed to mod UT3! I am really excited to do this!

    I have:
    ZBrush 3.1
    3ds Max 2009
    ActorX for 3ds Max 9
    Photoshop CS4
    Blacksmith 3D
    Unreal Tournament 3 for PC and PS3
    Soundforge 9 w/add-ons
    PS3 tools for UT3

    My OS is Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit via Boot Camp 3.3 with a 27" iMac quad-core 2.66, 8gb RAM, ATI radeon HD 4850, 1tb Harddrive. 2560 x 1440 resolution. Windows run perfectly on it!

    ok...I am learning how to use Zbrush and 3ds Max. I will get good at soon. If you could give me any tutorials for making weapons in first person view for 3ds max, that would be great! I am very good at photoshop and soundforge. I know how to blacksmith 3d. Good at UT3...

    What I want to make for UT3 is making weapons. Can you please help me get started on making weapons for UT3? I am still a beginner on modding games. (I just started!)

    check your old posts we have posted links to tutorials over and over but you always start a new post asking for the same stuff