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    Game Type Scripting

    I am trying to create a gametype for UT3, that involves subclassing from UTGame (although for testing purposes, I am creating a VERY basic gametype extended from UTDeathmatch)

    My main question is: does anybody know of a good tutorial on creating gametypes, preferably that answer my other question at the very least.
    Failing that, a well commented game type source and a way of answering the following question.

    The other question is: How do I make a map in the editor use a certain gametype. I have created the correct file prefix for the map, and the set the correct game in 'Supported Game Types' in WorldInfo. But it still enters in Demo mode with no weapons.
    What I would ideally like is for maps with this prefix to automatically register the correct SupportedGameTypes and play in on of them (like with Deathmatch, VCTF etc.)

    EDIT: When trying to play in-game, the map shows up under the gametype, but the game crashes as soon as the map is loaded. Let me know if you need to see a log file.
    EDIT2: The game crashing was due to problems loading with -useunpublished, the gametype loads fine in-game, but "`log('Message');" Appears not to workin an override of PostBeginPlay(). No idea why...

    If you want to use the `log macro, make sure you're not compiling your mod as 'Final Release' instead compile it as 'Debug'. You can find this in UnrealFrontend under the script tab


      UnrealFrontend doesn't seem to output anything when I compile using Debug, Is there some kind of .ini (other than Editor.ini) that needs to be set?

      Also, when I compile using UT3.exe make -debug, everything compiles as debug, but I cannot find anything in the log.

      EDIT: UnrealFrontend Working, but log still not.