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How do I start? + post process

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    How do I start? + post process

    Look for GoW post process in the link above. It shows how to make GoW on Unreal Editor and Script mutator. But I only get 2 minutes.

    I am completely new to modding games! I have no clue on how to start modding UT3. I know very little on 3d modeling (but I am learning). I know a lot on Photoshop CS4. Little on Unreal Script but I suck on it.

    Can you please help me start and also tell me on how to make post process. I want to make a post process mutator (such as color control).

    the videos on that site i think you have to pay for them now they used to be longer

    you can try this black and white mutator tutorial


      There are many vdeos on that site that are free after you sign up for a free account. If you read the part after the two miutes are up, it says the following:

      "The clip you just watched was part of a member sponsor exclusive training video.
      Member sponsorship is a monthly subscription service from 3D Buzz..."

      You have to pay for the full video. The member sponsorship is $35 a month.


        I have an account in that site. Is there any other videos about post processing at all!?! I mean I tried finding for so long. So no luck. That black and white and blindness from Ambershee is all just programming. I suck at programming. I will not be that good ever. I need a programmer and I need to know how to make my own in Unreal Editor...


          I havn't had much use for post processing, and couldn't help you without knowing exactly what you want to do. If you are looking for map-specific post-processing, then have a look at maps that have a 'PostProcessVolume' and see how they do it.
          If this is what you want, then the people in mapping and modding might be better qualified to answer the question as they are more likely to work with PPVs.