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Distributing new kismet objects?

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    Distributing new kismet objects?

    Apologies if this has already been asked...

    I am planning to write a few new kismet actions in unrealscript and would like an easy way to distribute them to content creators who are not well versed in unrealscript or editing ini files, etc. (this is one of the great strengths of kismet).

    Unfortunately, in order to have UT3 recognize the new kismet objects, I need to add a new line to the UTEditor.ini file as part of the installation. I don't want to simply replace each user's copy of UTEditor.ini, in case they have other mods or editor settings they would like to keep.

    So. Is there an ini patcher out there? Better yet, is there any sort of more comprehensive way to install mods that will take care of the ini patching (and placing all the other files in the right places) for me? I would love to have a simple installer each of them can download and run... has this been done for other mods?

    Thanks in advance!

    While technically such an installer can be nice, I personally wouldn't want it to add new auto-load entries for my installation. For example, Jailbreak adds quite a lot new Kismet nodes (along with a range of new actors), but we simply instruct interested mappers to add the JB packages to their editor INI. That also has the advantage the mapper learns how packages can be auto-loaded, in case he wants to do that for certain other packages as well.