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Shield, Melee Weapons, Projectile Blocking Help!

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    Glad I could be of help.

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    good info this help me get it working! Thanks!

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    Actually, in the script source for UT3 there is code for a shield. I found it yesterday by accident.

    From UTWeaponSheild.uc,

    * Copyright 1998-2008 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    /** special actor that only blocks weapons fire */
    class UTWeaponShield extends Actor

    /** If true, doesn't block projectiles flagged as bNotBlockedByShield */
    var bool bIgnoreFlaggedProjectiles;


    Hope that helps.

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    does anyone know how to block projectiles with a shield type weapon?

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    because the shield's collisions are being overridden by the arrow collisions

    also what do you mean by this? why would the arrow collision overwrite the shields collision?

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    Thanks for the Quick Response,
    The Arrow Projectile is a Static Mesh that has collision set on it in the static mesh viewer, and the following settings in script

    should it have some other collision setting in script or anywhere else?

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    Setting collisions on the actual arrows might help too, because the shield's collisions are being overridden by the arrow collisions, collisions on both seems to make the most sense.

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  • started a topic Shield, Melee Weapons, Projectile Blocking Help!

    Shield, Melee Weapons, Projectile Blocking Help!

    Hello all, i have been reading Forums and learning from many of you experts all sorts of stuff, But now i have run into my own problems and need help, here's my issues.

    I have made a Melee combat mod with these weapons.

    Bow and Arrow
    My shield needs to be able to block all these weapons especially the arrows

    the arrows are UTprojectiles, the shield is a UTWeapon I have the shield attached to my player as a skeleton mesh component I can not get the collision to work right this is what I have tried so far.

    using a physic's asset on my shield trying all the different collision options for physics assets with no luck.

    I have tried per poly collision on my shield itself instead of line collision.

    I have tried every variable possible in script to try and block projectiles with no luck.

    I can go over more details with anybody that is willing to help, if someone can lend a hand I will be in their debt and willing to help them if I can, i am a game developer my self I work for a big game company but we do not use the UT3 engine at my studio I use it for my own personal use.