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    Programming Help (paid)

    Hey guys.
    I'm working on this mod and I'm a complete idiot when it comes to getting stuff to work in unrealscript. I have no programming skills, or programs for that matter. The mod itself is quite simple, is completely playable, and sorta fun. So I've come here to see if anyone would be interested in helping a brotha out.

    Its setup entirely in Kismet. I'm not using anything from the actual UT3 gametypes, no characters or multiplayer, etc. I have it running in the play-in-editor using the demogame input sequence events to trigger the gameplay. With the game itself running in UT's demomode, hiding the hud and player.

    It's obviously awfully simple. It's not a traditional game, though it is interactive. No new gameplay programming is needed, just the ability to access parts that are already there. This is more of a portfolio thing for me... so rather than trying to recruit people and offer to split MSUC prizes (unlikely anyways), I am paying 50 bucks (US currency) to whomever can do the following:

    -setup a working mod directory (scripts/.ini in place properly recognized by UT3)
    -custom gametype based on demogame or stripped down version of any gametype, as long as new controls aren't overridden.
    -custom sequence objects that provide an output in Kismet. (6 total, or just one if the sequence name is changeable) would also rather not use console events for this.
    -custom game bindable actions (6) that call the aforementioned sequence objects and are mappable by the player in game (as in they are tagged with UTUI data providers or whatever those are)

    Basically anyone who has a playable mod working in UT3 probably has had to setup these exact same things, and may be able to do this relatively easy... I don't know... but if anyone's interested you can post here or pm me or something.

    Any bites yet? PM me.