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Gametype switching? <resolved>

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    Gametype switching? <resolved>

    I have created the basic classes for a gametype mod and it really doesn't do anything yet. Just to make sure I was good so far I decided to test it in ut3, it shows up and it identifies my map prefix correctly.

    I extended deathmatch so it played my map just like that, then at the end of the round it did something really odd. It changed maps to arsenal as well as switching the gametype to deathmatch. What!?

    I decided to go back to main menu and check to make sure my map list only had my one map, played again and the same thing happened.

    Is this something because my code isnt really complete by any standard or is this pretty much unheard of?


    Edit: Ok so apparently the scripts get wiped from published/scripts everytime I compile, but since the gametype ini was still in place it allowed me to select my gametype in-game. UT3 then just assumed all deathmatch settings. I'm guessing UT3 didnt really know what to do since my map is set not to work on DM so it would switch maps at the end of the round to the first DM map it knew of.