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Error, Unrecognized member 'UpdateCaption' in class 'UINumericEditBox' ...

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    Instead of the gui reading the value from the .ini file ...
    It has a set default value everytime it got from the last save of my frontend file which does read from the .ini.
    It will adjust and save. but will show the original default value next enter the gui.
    (Giving False Readings)
    How can I get this to read from the .ini ....

    This problem is resolved in the 'sliders' using updatecaption();
    But what does the UTUINumericEditBox use?

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  • Error, Unrecognized member 'UpdateCaption' in class 'UINumericEditBox' ...

    How is one to have the settings update if this don't work/
    Is there an equivalent?

    I swapped over 100 settings from UINumericOptionLists to the Edit Boxes
    Now that they supposedly work. But the edit boxes are worse off if you
    can't update the caption. I'd rather use the option lists, at least they didn't
    give you false information when you load the UIScene.