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scorpion turbo off when driver has flag

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  • scorpion turbo off when driver has flag

    I am making a mod to allow the flag to be carried in certain vehicles, but in UT3 the scorpion has turbo boost. This to me is overpowered when someone has the flag while in the scorpion. How would I go about disabling the turbo option if you are in the vehicle with the flag.

    I am a very novice coder so the more thorough of an explanation the better.

  • #2
    Set the boost's cooldown to a retardedly large number. That should do the trick. Make sure you disable the boost as well, or else the 'You can boost'-icon remains on the screen.


    • #3
      Or you could just put a boolean which sets itself to true when the player has the flag and false when he doesnt, and just check that with an if statement everytime the player wants to boost and just return false if the bool is true.


      • #4
        You could do that, unless you don't wanna subclass the vehicle.


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          I'll be messing with this tomorrow and see what I can come with. I think putting in some sort of check would be best because I would like to have the turbo act normally for the user when they do not have the flag in the scorpion. I'd hate to have to disable the boost, but instead probably just make the scorpion not a flag carry vehicle... this is of course my last resort.



          • #6
            Are you gonna subclass the vehicle or not?


            • #7
              I would think I would have to. Seems like the correct approach to me, if not I'll make a duplicate main class as the scorpion and adjust it accordingly but that may be more work than sub-classing.

              what do you think?


              • #8
                vehicle is subclassed... and works fine. I just need the code to add that checks for a driver with the flag so the turbo is disabled.